Diy cardboard corner furniture – recycled crafts – furniture handmade – Isa ❤️

Diy cardboard corner furniture – recycled crafts – furniture handmade – Isa ❤️


This video is a tutorial in which I teach as a cardboard furniture is made.

This time it is a corner bookcase with doors , and am inspired by the blue cabinet Yuya , it is a precious vintage furniture.

The materials I used are :

– Dual channel cardboard
– Hot glue
– White wood glue
– Masking tape
– Wire of 2 mm to 0.5 mm shooters and to tie them to the door
– 2 glasses to the extent indicated in the video
– 3 tacos wooden 2.5cm thick
– 12 wooden pieces you screw fittings
– Hinges , washers and crabs to hold doors
– sandpaper
– Wood painting
– Ruler, pencil, cutter , hot glue gun

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50 Comments on "Diy cardboard corner furniture – recycled crafts – furniture handmade – Isa ❤️"

    you are a so talented! Brilliant! WOW! I never ever thought things could be made from cardboard.and you've just proved it.more please.x

    you are my hero! i have a lot of clumsy people in my life that break a lot of furniture, now i can just throw it away and make a new one without spending so much money to replace it

    im soooooo addicted of your channel. i learned from your channel actually . the color you used for this shelf is my most favourite color. i have made alot of cardboard stuff now i wana make this one but no more place in home lol. but sure i will make . thnx for the beautiful video tutorials.

    I, too have a cardboard fixation–no castaway box or carton is safe from me! I realize I don't have the space to save every piece. This gets my creative juices flowing. You go, girl!!!

    I only watched 2 mins before realizing this is waaay too difficult for me to pull off… but it is very cute!!

    hi, really like your videos! just 1 question….for those recycled box furniture, can they actually sustain the weight of stuffs put on it?

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