Detroit Denim Co. – Handmade Denim Jeans

Detroit Denim Co. – Handmade Denim Jeans

Detroit Denim, founded in 2010 by Eric Yelsma, handcrafts quality denim goods including Selvedge Denim Jeans, denim jeans, handbags, and small leather goods. The Detroit Denim family are proud and craftspeople who support each other and embrace a culture that encourages hard work, precision sewing and the value of tradition.

Owners Eric & Brenna Lane share their story of how a passion for jeans and making products by hand has them changing how business is done in the fashion industry.

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19 Comments on "Detroit Denim Co. – Handmade Denim Jeans"

    Well I'm glad you love going broke trying to charge $200 for a pair of blue jeans that are made in Detroit usa when Roundhouse blue jeans are making them for $39. 99 made in the United States

    Excellent project, but for consumers: where is the cotton made, who harvested it, how was the fabric spun and woven?

    Fantastic. Totally worth the price when you consider the overall impact on who is making them, where they are made, keeping this skillset in the U.S. not allowing persons to be paid a garbage wage in a country (turkey, bangladesh, china, mexico etc) and in a country or place in the world where they have no respect for the water, the neighborhood, or the environment overall when jeans are being made and processed. So glad you do this/did this. Heartbroken that the Cone Mill in NC shut down this december. If the average murican took just a few thoughtful minutes to really consider, all that they effect by purchasing handmade, unwashed/raw or selvedge or sanforized denim from a maker in the US, they might realize the dollar cost is wholly worth it. Its not about just the dollar amount its about putting your money where your mouth is to get a fine and sturdy product avoiding all the things working class Americans complain about: not having enough U.S. jobs, U.S. skills, outsourced labor, cheap materials, good working conditions, companies that care etc. When someone buys denim from you, they avoid all that and keep it at home and in the best sense possible. Cheers and thank you for what you have done.

    I really would like to purchase a pair of denim from your company. However there is no skinny fit available in men’s. Bummer. Hint* skinny taper.

    I'm sorry but that price is waaaaaay too high for just some sanforized cone denim… those prices simply do not reflect the actual value of the fabric.

    Thanks for posting this! I've been looking at your guys' stuff for a couple years now, and I think I might bite the bullet and drop by this week.

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