DELICIA – handmade accordions from Czech republic

DELICIA – handmade accordions from Czech republic

Handmade accordions from Czech republic. 100 years of tradition.

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    Please pardon my earlier dumb questions …… it's just that I've not previously heard of the
    "Delicia" make (even though I've played the accordion for many years, and have owned a
    number of instruments). OF COURSE, now that I search, I find many websites with info on
    the Delicia make, and I do believe I will be able to custom-order an instrument from my
    closest/best music store (being Tempo Music, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada).
    Thank you again for this wonderful video, and best regards to all of you!

    Excellent! Wonderful to see such fine craftsmen at their work, creating these beautiful instruments.
    Now, I must have a Delicia of my own! Do you/can you ship to Canada? Do you have a website of
    various sizes/types, button/piano, colours, etc.?
    Thank you so much, and best wishes from Canada.

    I have a delucia c-g button diatonic accordion – the sound is the nicest ive ever had! Greetings from Australia

    Interesting video! Delicia is for sure one of the most known accordion brands ever excisted. Good quality, value for money! We'll promote the accordion in the broadest way possible and will share your video. Keep up the good work!

    Super se za taa cena jas imam Delicija Choral 5 i taa e super kabinska harmonika a imat i mn poskapi i pokvalitetni modeli..Bravo za Majstorite. Pozdrav!

    Where did they get all the machinery and tools from? I mean they must've bought them from some former Czech accordion maker of the Soviet era. Or they may be simply a rebranded maker originating from that past period.

    Odusevljen sam sa ovime sto vidim…inace Delicija harmonike kod nas u Hrvatskoj slove za jedne od najlosijih.Nije mi jasno zasto neizbacuju profi modele jer neupitmo je dali ta tvornica to moze.,ocito imaju neku svoju politiku poslovanja koja funkcionira.

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