December Hella Handmade Creations | Live Swatches

December Hella Handmade Creations | Live Swatches

Hello lovelies!

Today I have swatches for you from December’s Hella Handmade Creations that will be live December 14-21 on

Hella Handmade Creations’ Instagram:
My Instagram:

Polishes in the order they’re seen:
– 77 Nail Lacquer: “A” Is For Anarchy ($13, 100 bottles available)
– Bees Knees Lacquer: Big Chill ($12, no cap)
– Blush Lacquers: The Mathletes ($11.25, no cap)
– Bluebird Lacquer: Yasss, McQueen ($11.50, no cap)
– Chirality: A Man In The Couch ($11, no cap)
– Colors by Llarowe: Hammer To Fall ($11, 200 bottles available)
– DRK Nails: The King ($10,90, 100 bottles available)
– Don Deeva: Flex In The City ($14, no cap)
– Heather’s Hues: I’m A Black Belt In Gift Wrapping ($12, no cap)
– LynB Designs: Beef Jerkey In A Ball Gown ($13, 90 bottles available)
– Night Owl Lacquer: BURN! ($12.50, no cap)
– Pampered Polishes: Keep Your Temper ($12, 100 bottles available)
– Rogue Lacquer: Kelpie ($12.50, 150 bottles available)
– Shleee Polish: Simulation ($13, 100 bottles available)
– Under A Hula Moon Wax Melt: Central Perk ($4.50, no cap)

As always, thanks so much for watching!

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35 Comments on "December Hella Handmade Creations | Live Swatches"

    Hi Timberlin and family!

    Glad we got to see a little bit of the baby! She's growing so fast!!

    Here's the correct description on the Chirality polish:

    Chirality Polish's "A Man in the Couch” is described as a jet black polish filled with silver holo micro glitters which is inspired by Its Alway Sunny in Philadelphia.This holiday season, don’t be like Frank. Don’t be the person that sews themselves into a couch.

    Loved this vary detailed video as always ☺ also u dont have to apologize for being a MOMMY 😍 cant just stop being a momma lol i have 3 and you inspire me doing what u do with your BEAUTIFUL Angels 😇 tysmfs 💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅

    You are just too sweet, but no need for apologies for your babies! We mothers empathize and understand. Your kiddos always make me smile when I hear them in the background or they pop up in the videos! Makes you seem more human and that’s a good thing. Little Miss Jocelyn is ADORABLE!! Congratulations again and thanks for the review!

    Your little ones are adorable and don't apologize for the kids making appearances. They are delightful! Some pretty polishes to chose from. I'm with you, I like the icy shades at this time of year.

    Black belt and jerky! That wax sounds like it smells so freaking good! Coffee. Did you say coffee? Yes. Yes you did. Yum! Could do without the sweet part though. Maybe coffee and vanilla?

    I love seeing the baby and children. You are so good at what you do it does not distract. You are a working Mom and those of us that had that in lives should understand. Thanks. Baby girl is beautifuk

    Thank you for letting us see your beautiful baby. You remind me of the Proverbs 31 woman. Keep at it because you inspire me. I look forward to the day when I can buy your polishes. 🤗

    Please don't apologize for being a good mother, taking care of your sweet children! They are precious! If you wish to apologize for the noise, that's different, but your babies are lovely.

    I ordered from November I don’t think they ship till Dec 20 it takes awhile
    I love Keep Your Temper beautiful and I love the thermal ❄️👍🏼 Kelpy is also a fav
    She’s beautiful baby 👶

    Never apologize for your precious baby's sweet little sounds! I think we can all agree, it's adorable not distracting ! She is beautiful! 💕

    Awwww, your baby girl is so beautiful! Never apologize to the cranky scrooges. It's mom life and I get it. ❤❤
    The last polish you shown was AMAZING!

    I love your litle sweethart my love! Don't apologize please????it is adoreble 😍😍😍😍beauteful video my love!

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