Cowboy Boot Fitting | Texas Traditions Handmade Boots

Cowboy Boot Fitting | Texas Traditions Handmade Boots

Kirby Allison visits Lee Miller from Texas Traditions to be fitted for his first ever pair of custom cowboy boots. Lee Miller is a bootmaker based in Austin, TX. From his workshop, he handcrafts boots for famous country musicians and Hollywood stars alike. Lee is a true craftsman and completes almost all the work by himself. Kirby was honored to meet him and get fitted for a pair of his own, and we are excited to share this unique experience with you. Enjoy!


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30 Comments on "Cowboy Boot Fitting | Texas Traditions Handmade Boots"

    I have a dozen or so pair of high end cowboy boots. (They would equate to shoes in the Edward Green/G&G level) It's long been a dream of mine to get a pair of Lee Miller's boots. You are truly lucky to be able to get to Texas Traditions to get a pair.. I love my English shoes. I really love my boots. I hope you'll post a video or two as the process unfolds. Thanks for this video!

    Kirby, you don't need to refer to yourself in the third person in your video description. We know you don't have a public relations team uploading these videos for you. Otherwise a good video, minus the part where you rudely interrupted the bootmaker at 19:34

    I really hate how bespoke has become this hipster, trendy, fan boy, buzzword. Once that happens, the term becomes meaningless.

    Kirby: For someone who only wears dress shoes and socks to match, you will probably end up with boots that are not wide enough to accept thick socks, which you might prefer if you are breaking in new boots. Why not ask the bootmaker for his advice, rather than not knowing what to say, or preferring the dress socks?

    After watching nearly an hour of the man messing around with his feet I was expecting to see the finished boots and fitting. What a complete waste of time.!

    I am form India …… I like to have a pair of cowboy boot will you please help to have a pair of cowboy boot……
    I just love the boot …..

    I've never been able to find a pair of non lace up boots that fit well, if I can get them on they are too loose around my foot. I have no idea why.

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