44. Quiet book for Miaelle – handmade by Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams

44. Quiet book for Miaelle – handmade by Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams

Autor: Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams – Unique Handmade Quiet Books, Personalized Kids Toys & Room Decor
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Every book is unique, design according to the kids’ ages and preferences.
This one was made-to-order for a girl named Miaelle (7 years). All in the book is hand-cut and sewn by hand or by sewing machine. The book has 18 pages, each page is soft-filled activity board. Dimensions of the book: 9×9 inches (23×23 cm). Binding is permanent (made by sewing).
The book comes in a decorative storage box.
Activity pages in the book:
1. Personalized cover page, sewn name MIAELLE + doll
2. & 3. Dollhouse pages (bedroom and wardrobe with clothes) – double page
4. & 5. Washing machine and drying clothes – double page
6. & 7. Doctor page – double page
8. & 9. Make the face & hair (girl) – double page
10. & 11. Hairstyling & accessories – double page
12. Birthday cake (with 7 birthday candles)
13. Tic-tac-toe game
14. Making ice cream
15. Pizza page
16. & 17. Counting Cookies – double page
18. Back page – Tie a dress
Quiet books are intended for every little kid that loves to explore the world. They are designed to help them improve fine motor skills, attention, imagination, cognitive skills, ability to recognize colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and the world around them. Busy books and sensory toys are perfect and very helpful gifts for children. They are great tools to entertain children without the use of any technology. With such a book, children can learn and have fun at the same time!
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    Personalized Quiet Book – custom orders 📩
    Create your own #quietbook by selecting
    ► ACTIVITY PAGES: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/quiet-book-catalog-pages
    ► FIRST COVER PAGE: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/quiet-book-covers
    How to order: https://myfeltingdreams.wixsite.com/quietbook-petraradic/how-to-order
    E-mail: myfeltingdreams@gmail.com

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    Encuentra el emoji diferente

    How do you attach the hair strings of the girl with braids to a book?

    Also, are all of the dresses and outfits of the doll made of felt with velcro?

    2:46 pls can tell how you make the hair actually I am making a quiet book and I also want to make a girl to style her hair pls tell

    Hy!!aku orang indonesia..klo boleh tau mainan queit book,,beli dari mna yah..soalnya aku suka mainan itu pengen beli… dan boleh tau juga harganya berapa

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