🎄 Handmade Holiday Sewing Series 🎁 How to sew a drawstring backpack

🎄 Handmade Holiday Sewing Series 🎁 How to sew a drawstring backpack

Hey y’all and welcome to the 9th video in the Sewspire Handmade Holiday Series which will run from October 1 to December 3, 2019. Each week I will feature a new handmade gift that you can create for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and strangers alike.

If you are just joining us — welcome! If you are a returning visitor — thank you! Your support and enthusiasm for the channel means more to me than you can possibly imagine.

For this project you will need 4 body panels which measure 15″ x 18″ and two drawstrings which measure 3″ x 70″. Total fabric requirements are between 1.25 yards and 1.5 yards depending upon how long you need to make your straps.

There is one more video left in the Handmade Holiday Series and then I will be closing out the year with a round up of 2019 and preview of what is to come in 2020.

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Until we meet again, the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!

🙏 Andrea

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23 Comments on "🎄 Handmade Holiday Sewing Series 🎁 How to sew a drawstring backpack"

    This is just perfect for my grandson for when his Mum sends him to the shops on his bike. It's a good size to fit some milk and a couple of other necessities that his mum would like. No more groceries swinging around from the bike handles and if it needs washing, that's no trouble. Also I could put a small snap locked pocket on the outside so he won't loose the money and the shopping list. Thanks Andrea.

    Awesome backpack Andrea! I love how simple this bag is to make. You always create easy to follow beautiful things.
    Waiting to see whether I want a shirt with or without the hood. Love the design. Hope you create a short post or video when the hooded shirts are added.
    ❣️Happy Sewing sweet friend.

    Many thanks to Amy for her tee order! The dark purple thread will be beautiful. I am going to start stitching this first batch this weekend and hope to have those to you all early next week. Please do share some photos with me of you wearing the tee so I can share with our community.

    Thank you for this great video tutorial. Plan on making one for my granddaughter for Christmas….Good luck in your T-shirt endeavor.

    Awesome, awesome Rona just ordered the 5th tee and shared this sweet message with me…Just a little note to say I have never met you but I think you are an amazing women with an amazing soul and I would buy 100 t-shirts if I could to keep learning from you. You have truly inspired me to be a more creative women in every aspect. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!🙏…awe, thank you Rona! I am so grateful for you and this entire Sewspire community.

    Yay!!! Karen just ordered the fourth tee in the Sewspire Create. Collection with red thread. Nice choice! Thank you for your support Karen! I am so excited for you to receive this and truly appreciate all you do to support the channel and community here at Sewspire!

    Many thanks to Ann for being the third person to order a tee from me! The fuchsia thread is my favorite! I am excited for us both and thank you for your support all these years Ann!

    Many thanks to Evelyn and Vicky for their Paypal donations towards the new computer. Your kindness and generosity is so appreciated! ❤️

    Many thanks to Gail for being the second person to order a tee from me! I am looking forward to stitching your shirt Gail and the navy thread is going to be awesome! Thank you for your support!

    Are you only offering the "create." T-shirt only in the grey? I'm one who likes the style you are wearing, it could still be grey but I like the hood option LOL!?? I'm just curious! Thanks in advance!

    Many thanks to the fabulous Ginger for being the first to order a tee! I am excited to stitch your shirt and surprise you with the thread color. How fun!

    My fairy god seamstress has done it again. My daughter just got a job teaching at a preschool and can take my 2 year old granddaughter with her. I've been looking for a smaller very light backpack that she can have an extra set of clothes and her snack bag in. I can cut down the measurements of this beautiful bag for her to carry. Again thank you for sharing your creative beautiful ideas with all of us. Your family and friends are blessed to have someone like you in their lives.

    Ok this is great!! Double duty…a great gift on it's own, BUT!! It makes a great gift BAG…put a gift inside…I'm thinking a Lego set/storage/carry bag!!! Great video/tutorial as usual Andrea!! Thanks 🤩

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