Kayak Hand-Crafted by WoodManScott at WoodManScott.com or WoodManPro.com

This is a video I made for my father. He made this kayak and I was so impressed that I made the video without him knowing. That’s why I say he has extreme perfection, because he does in my eyes. Also, I misspelled words in the video, not him. And the following are words from WoodManScott.com :
Each wood strip was hand-planed, along one edge, to match the curve of the hull and deck and then glued to the previous strip on the form, and held in place with only glue block, spring clamps and masking tape, until the glue dried. No nails or staples were used to hold the strips to the form while the glue dried. I used bead and cove construction on my first kayak, which was easier but did give the clean glue lines as this method. The hull and deck were both fiberglassed inside and out and then joined together and that seam was also fiberglassed. The kayak is a dream to paddle and was a fun project.

DIY – How to: Reroot Doll Hair With Yarn – Handmade – Crafts – 4K

by request: We just LOVE this Fabsome New Doll Reroot technique! …Give your Dolls a Awesome new look with this Yarn Reroot!
*** Always have Adult Supervision when working with sharp objects ***

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