Learn How To Make A $400 Biker Bag (Medicine Bag) handmade

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(Note: Check back regularly as I will make updates as new merchandise becomes available.)

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I’ve worked on a variety of leather accessories over the past few years, but this has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. Depending on who you talk to this bag has a variety of names, from a hippie pouch, biker pouch, waist bag, or my favorite, “the medicine bag.” Bags such as these are a popular accessory with bikers and serves as a stylish and useful place to store a wallet and cellphone (iphone…) for comfort and safe keeping while on the road.
There is a considerable amount of work involved in building a bag like this, making it well worth it’s weight in gold. Everything on the bag is completely done by hand without the aid of any machinery. The centerpiece is either made of vegetable tanned leather that was dampened and stamped with a texturing tool then dyed black and finished, or exotic alligator skin. The back closes securely with a leather strap that loops around the decorated concho at the centerpiece. For the sides of the bag I dampened and folded the leather so that the pouch can expand or shrink depending on it’s load. I added the tassels for extra aesthetics.
In this video learn how to craft a designer leather hip bag or also called, “The medicine bag.” Instructions and patterns for this project can be downloaded at www.fischerworkshops.com
This bag can also be purchased at Fischer Workshops. See our website for prices and availability. Enjoy!!! handmade
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Square pendant inspired God's eye craft – Handmade jewelry from copper wire and abacus crystal 497

Square pendant inspired “God’s eye craft” – Handmade jewelry from copper wire and abacus crystal by Lan Anh Handmade
Can do the same with ring, earring and bracelet to form sets.
You can use any stone you have. You can use multiple colors wire to highlight the details, or change some details as you like
With this form you can use any type of wire or wire size you have. Smaller diameter wires are easier to handle, but they are less durable than larger wires.
In the video I use :
19 gauge ( wire diameter 0.9mm ) : 4 x 5cm( 2 inch)
26 gauge ( wire diameter 0.4mm ) : 200cm( 80 inch)
crystal abacus beads 4mm diameter

– Before doing, Always be sure to straighten the wire for a more beautiful product
– Can use a towel to straighten the wire.
– Refer to how to straighten the wire here https://youtu.be/OXAECMVcOe4
– Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire for jewelry more valuable
Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself
– I just give way reference, not the best way. Can change size wire to suit your purpose. You can do better than me.
– I bought all the material and stones in where I live (Vietnam)
I used to round copper wire – magnet wire , it’s the only kind I found where I lived for many sizes. I do not know exactly what type it was, can be normal copper wire, it have plating layer, and not dark by time

all playlist of Lan Anh Handmade channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrjcZ7dL3GyRGuI37gi0Og/playlists

beautiful handbag making at home || ladies purse making from jute || handmade diy craft idea

beautiful handbag making at home || ladies purse making from jute || handmade diy craft idea
Easy and best ladies bag making from jute at home beautiful handbag making at home
raj easy craft handmade craft best out of wastenew craft idea easy craft idea art and craft

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DIY.Personal diary.How to decorate pencils.Tutorial & crafts.Hand made.My creative ideas.

DIY. Personal diary. How to decorate pencils. Tutorial & crafts. Hand made. My creative ideas.
Hello friends! Today we will make two cool, bright ideas with our own hands: No. 1 – a stylish personal diary and decorate it in tender pink tones with a woolen thread, we will record our most intimate secrets in it.
№ 2 – decorate dull pencils with cool and bright hearts. These two simple ideas will please everyone who likes to do something great and not spend a lot of money !!! Watch the video, put LIKE and create with me !!! All the creative successes and good luck !!! See you in the new videos !!! Enjoy watching!!! I will be very pleased if you write your wishes in the comments to the video !!!

Materials for work:
– corrugated cardboard,
– paint (paper) scotch,
– cotton fabric,
– thin white cardboard,
– sintepon,
– white A4 paper,
– scissors or joinery knife, awl,
– woolen thread (pink color),
– glitter foiaran,
– medical bandage,
– Acrylic paint,
– glue gun, glue “Moment” or polymer glue.

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♫ The video uses songs from Epidemic Sound.

Hello! My name is Oksana Dmitrieva and I’m glad to see you on my channel devoted to creativity and needlework. You will see how life becomes brighter and more interesting with creativity, and from the handicrafts that you make with your own hands, there is joy and self-esteem grows. I will share with you my ideas, experience, skill in interesting and fascinating DIY. On my channel, I do my own pencil boxes in school, organizers, notebooks, mini notebooks, as well as other interesting and cool things that make our life more beautiful. Having made these cute things, we can present them to our relatives, friends and relatives. Subscribe to my channel and create with me!
My inspiration will be transferred to you! Good luck to all creativity!
organizer from scratch very good. diy bag ideas and crafts i like to do. Phone case no sew i am love it. Diy tutorials my ideas is simple. I like the art.

Easy way to make perfect cotton thread Beads for handmade jewelry || periwinkle TV

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Newspaper Bed lamp | Marble bed lamp | Hand made | Best out of Waste | Art with Creativity 160

Newspaper Bed lamp | Marble bed lamp | Hand made | Best out of Waste | Art with Creativity 160

Channel Description

Me and My Brother opened this channel to show our creative skills..
We do work on all type of materials
you will find in this channel
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1. Food and Recipe
2. Artistic Rangoli
3. Drawing on paper,Canvas,wood etc.
4. Paper Works
5. Wood Carving
6. Clay Craft
7. Nail Art & Mehendi designs

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How to Make a Handmade and Easy Carpet | How to Make Easy rug | Yarn Projects + Tutorial .

How to Make a Handmade and Easy Carpet | How to Make Easy rug | Yarn Projects + Tutorial .

** How to Make Hand Embroidery: Flower Basket Stitch – Tutorial .

** How to Make a Handmade and Easy Carpet | How to Make a Handmade and Easy Carpet + Tutorial .

** DIY Tutorial – How to Make Twine Flowers .

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Father's Day Card with Handmade Paper

In this video Maymay finishes making a Father’s Day Card with handmade paper!

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Love mail box | Handmade gifts for boyfriend | Birthday gifts | valentine's Day Gift Ideas |

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Easy Silk Treads Earrings Making Tutorials | Jhumkas Designs | Hand Embroidery | Handmade Ideas DIY

Easy Silk Treads Earrings Making Tutorials | Jhumkas Designs | Hand Embroidery | Handmade Ideas .