Can you name right now the brand of the car you’ve been dreaming of your whole life? Probably many of you will say Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. Oh, dreamy dreams… And what if we tell you that you can make those cars with your own hands? We’re not joking! In this video we are gonna show you the craziest, completely handmade cars in the world. Don’t believe us? Then take a closer look.

5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

Prisoners can be very ingenuitive when it comes to making weapons…

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5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons


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Here are five of the most amazing and unusual handmade cars that actually exist. All cars mentioned are completely hand made, featuring a life-sized fully functional Lego car and also a completely wooden supercar! Watch the video and be amazed by these crazy handmade cars!

Sources (CREDITS)
Wooden Car

Cardboard Car

Lego Car

Batman Car


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These are amazing and unusual handmade cars that will blow your mind! Featuring cool and interesting car creations. Thanks for watching and be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more weekly videos!