How to handmade sneakers from leather and suede.

Hello, today you can see how to handmade sneakers from leather and suede. I made sneakers with help special tools but this work was at home.

First step: I model and design future shoes on a shoe lasts.
Second step: I make cardboard patterns.
The third step: I cut the leather and suede.
The fourth step: I sew all the parts on a sewing machine
Fifth step: I am preparing additional materials (backdrop, toe cap and special insole)
Sixth step: I put the leather blank on the shoe lasts and fix it with hobnails and glue.
Seventh step: install the sole
At the end, finishing (preparation of soft insoles and cosmetic work)

Leathercraft and leatherworks is my hobbies. Sometimes i made any leather goods (wallets, bags, shoes and etc)
Its my second video about shoes. When i have 1000 subscribes i will make more videos about handmade process of shoes, backpacks, handbags and other leather goods.

My first video about leather boots:
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