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Welcome to the official Simenda Jewellery Ltd, online web store for retail and wholesale.
Simenda Jewellery is a wholesale and retail company, we specialize in sterling silver jewelry from rings to earrings,pendants, bracelets, watches, sets and much more.
We specialize in Middle Eastern, European, North American and Mediterranean styles with 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter designs,
From this site you can buy silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, sets, watches and also silver with gold designs.
All of the product shown on this site are available to purchase for jewelry suppliers, jewelry importers and individual clients.
We use Sterling silver 925 and 9 Karat Gold.
For your convenience our entire catalog is displayed to you, with new designs added monthly for you to purchase Israel silver.
Our online catalog of fashion jewelry allows you to purchase the latest fashion silver accessories with combinations of silver and gold directly from the designer.
You can purchase unique designer jewelry with natural gemstones at a decent price.
These designs will make you fall in love in jewelry like you never have before.
On this site you will also find jewelry guides, some of our articles include: which precious metals are in the rise and which one is dropping? , How to maintain jewelry? Full detailed guide regarding silver, and much more those articles are free to view and are for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you own a giant collection of silver jewelry or browsing for your first piece, those guides will help any jewelry enthusiast.
In this site you will also find a guide how to clean old silver jewelry with everyday stuff that can be found at any household.
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Since 1998 Simenda Jewellery was creating the highest quality jewellery in Israel. We strive to offer our costumer the best quality yet keeping the affordable price we are known for. Our Jewellery is hand made in the holy city of Nazareth. We offer verity of items, Rings,Earrings,Pendants,religious items like crosses and David stars,Necklaces,Watches,Spoons and special sets that combine all of the items but with a similar style. Simenda’s cutting edge Nazareth plant provides seamless, end-to-end jewelry production that meets the highest standards of quality and quantity. Through department stores, mail order catalogs and word-of-mouth, Simenda’s customer base has expanded from the local Israeli market to markets in the US, Eastern and Western Europe,Russia and beyond.

Handmade Textured Pendant Dichroic, Hand Fused and Shaped, #19100108

The dichroic cabochon on this necklace is predominantly coppery in colour, but also exhibits aqua flashed in the veins. It has a wonderful deep texture, giving it a very natural appearance. The dichroic cabochon feature is absolutely unique. The setting for this pendant is quite different from most of our others. It is all SOLID STERLING SILVER. Ann created this setting from scratch.

The fused glass dichroic feature is hand made by Jeff and the custom sterling silver bail is made by Ann.



Handmade Jewelry

This video showcases my artistic development over the course of two years, highlighting my use of various styles, advanced metalsmithing and keen eye for gemstones. Many pieces featured in this video were custom designs commissioned by clients who were seeking unique jewelry making techniques. In addition to custom work, I have a wide array of jewelry for direct purchase. I offer the option to customize pieces that incorporate your personality and style. My primary mediums are Argentium silver, solid gold and 14k gold-filled. Argentium, a premium, tarnish resistant silver alloy combination, is considered to be the finest silver in the world, and contains more pure silver than sterling. If you are interested in purchasing any inventory pieces or having a custom piece of jewelry designed, please inquire through message or e-mail. My passion is rooted in working with customers to create individualized pieces which reflect meaning and importance in their lives. Any piece in this video can be recreated and personalized with different stones, styles, size or metals. Several pieces in this video are still for sale, so please inquire with curiosities. Please like and subscribe if you feel inspired to :). You may contact or follow me with the links below. Thank you for viewing my handmade jewelry collection.

How to make Handmade jewelry by hand. Welcome to Bizareart!

How to make Handmade jewelry by hand. Welcome to Bizareart!

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