Kayak Hand-Crafted by WoodManScott at WoodManScott.com or WoodManPro.com

This is a video I made for my father. He made this kayak and I was so impressed that I made the video without him knowing. That’s why I say he has extreme perfection, because he does in my eyes. Also, I misspelled words in the video, not him. And the following are words from WoodManScott.com :
Each wood strip was hand-planed, along one edge, to match the curve of the hull and deck and then glued to the previous strip on the form, and held in place with only glue block, spring clamps and masking tape, until the glue dried. No nails or staples were used to hold the strips to the form while the glue dried. I used bead and cove construction on my first kayak, which was easier but did give the clean glue lines as this method. The hull and deck were both fiberglassed inside and out and then joined together and that seam was also fiberglassed. The kayak is a dream to paddle and was a fun project.

Simple wire bracelet for beginners – Handmade Jewelry Ideas 94

Simple wire bracelet for beginners – Handmade Jewelry Ideas

I would like to share my knowledge and skills so that you can study online
With simple steps and simple tools you can do it yourself. Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for jewelry more valuable
Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself
With creativity you can change some details to create your own style

Rings: https://goo.gl/9u6ems
Bracelets: https://goo.gl/rH1MtZ
Pendants: https://goo.gl/jWxKdM
Earrings, Ear cuff: https://goo.gl/nyLFNN
Necklaces, hairpin: https://goo.gl/LxFbhr
Decorations: https://goo.gl/hWH2FB
Flower, leaf and natural : https://goo.gl/VHEh2H
Animal : https://goo.gl/UzdJ6d

DIY – How to Make a Doll Coffee Shop – Handmade – Doll – Crafts

https://rdy.cr/07b014 click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: You asked for it, you got it!! XD … Check out this Fabsome Doll Coffee Shop Craft vid!! … Make your Dolls a Fun and Cozy place to unwind and sip a latte XD

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Junk Journal Bundles | Handmade Junk Journals (Etsy Restock)

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DIY Flower Tiara Crown | NEW DESIGN | Go Handmade

Hello friends,

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Today I am gonna show you how to make flower tiara at home very easily.

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DIY SMOKE FACTORY 🏭 💨 (Incense burner) – X-carve vs handmade

Here is how to make a nice incense burner shaped as a concept factory so the smoke would come out of the chimney. Quite a challenge! But physics should be on our side right?

Make this cool wooden factory and have a nice aroma instead of pollution! Save the environment 😀 It was fun to compete with a CNC and the DIY handmade version in hardwood is actually a lot more work!

ℹ️ All info, how-to, 3D model, files and plans are available (and free :P) in the Inventables project site: (check the file section too): https://www.inventables.com/projects/smoke-factory?ref=CactusWorkshop
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Run – Andre Applepie
Autumn 2011 – LoxBeats

🎄Гном-Санта своими руками/🎄Christmas Gnomes Made Easy /🎄Crafts For Xmas Decoration

Всем привет!Сегодня сделаем Гнома-Санту.
📌картонная заготовка для конуса средней жесткости
📌проволока – диаметр 0.5 см
📌экструдированный пенопласт – небольшой кусок
📌ткань красного цвета
📌боа из перьев
📌снежинки -патчи
📌капроновый носок
📌вата, холлофайбер
📌шерсть для бороды
📌Силиконовый клей, линейка, ножницы, иголка с нитью либо машинка швейная.

🎄Елочки-Санты своими руками🎄/DIY/Tutorial/🎄How To Make Christmas Tree

Большой елочный шар/Подарок на Рождество своими руками/Gift kanzashi for Christmas

Корона канзаши из острых лепестков/Корона на ободке или заколке/Christmas Crown

Барабанчики на елку/Елочные игрушки/Toy on the Christmas tree

🎄Елочные игрушки канзаши🎄Из лент 2.5 см🎄Фонарики на Новый год/D.I.Y/ Christmas Toy

Kanzashi Christmas Angels/Заколки и игрушка на елку ” Ангелочек”/D.I.Y

🎀Маленькие бантики/🎀Хит продаж/Новогодние украшения/Tutorial/Mini Bows/D.I.Y

Корона из готовой заготовки/Новогодняя корона для маленькой принцессы/Корона из фоамирана

Нимб для ангелочка своими руками/Костюм ангела ч.1/A halo for an angel/D.I.Y

Елочные игрушки/Звездочки из бархатной проволоки/Stars of chenille wire/D.I.Y

Крылья ангела своими руками/Костюм ангела ч.2/Wings for an angel/D.I.Y

Коронка из глиттерного фоамирана на заколке/Корона для Новогодних праздников/ Christmas Crown

Рождественский венок своими руками/Christmas Wreath With Their Hands

❄️Новогодний декор/❄️Елка из фетровых помпонов/❄️DIY Christmas Tree

Забавные бантики канзаши/Новогодные канзаши/Christmas bows/D.I.Y

Новогодняя корона для маленькой Снегурочки/ Christmas crown/D.I.Y

🌺Платье ТУ-ТУ для цветочной феи без шитья🌹❄/How to make Tutu Dress 🌹

🎄Шары на ёлку без пенопластовой основы❄🎄/Ёлочные шарики своими руками /🎄DIY Christmas Ornaments

❄🎄Ёлочные игрушки из лент❄🎄/Шишечки на ёлку❄🎄/Christmas Decorations

How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes

How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes. A video tutorial on how to attach a rubber sole to handmade shoes. Learn how to mold a sole to your foot and glue the sole on to a handmade soft soled shoe. This video is produced by Living DIY Style. Living DIY Style specializes in new and innovative ways to make shoes at home. We also provide many different sewing patterns and tutorials for babies, children, and women on our website: www.livingdiystyle.com

Oxford shoe pattern available here: http://www.livingdiystyle.com/product/oxford-sewing-pattern

Moldable Soling Available for purchase: http://blog.livingdiystyle.com/14-moldable-soling-sheets-for-shoe-making

DIY Christmas Gift Idea. Handmade Beaded Pearl Brooch.

This video is about DIY Christmas gift ideas. You will learn how to make handmade beaded pearls brooch.

Handmade beaded flower: https://youtu.be/f7xWtnGgAl0
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