Making Handmade Napkin Holders on ABC10 Sac & Co | Sophie's World

During crafting expert Sophie Maletsky’s most recent visit to ABC10’s Sac & Co she demonstrated this season’s most popular handmade craft – the Turkey Napkin holder made of clothespins.

Learn how to make it here or click on the link below to see the entire video tutorial.

The original video and DIY are here:

Teachers Day Handmade Greeting Card Making idea for School Students KIds Parth's WorlD

Teachers Day Handmade Greeting Card Making idea for School Students KIds Parth’s WorlD
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Easy Photo Frame with Match Box, Room Decor ideas using simple craft trick #2

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valentine day 2018
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DIY by Creative Mom #8 – how to make a handmade decor Tissue Flower homemade decoration 123 Kids Fun

Find out how to make homemade and handmade wrapping for your Christmas present!
In this tutorial, Karina is going to show you guys how to make a decoration for the christmas gifts.
This is very simple way to make your christmas present look perfect!
Watch how to transform the boring wrapped presents to an awesome ones with these easy tips. It’s all adorable and affordable. Happy holiday!

What we need?:
– packing paper (brown)
– satin ribbon
– scissors
– paper napkin
– puncher
– thread
– double-sided tape

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Origame. Making. Folding. Hand made. Awesome. Papiroflexia. Papel. Flying. Cool. Origami ninja star.

Всем привет! Сегодня я покажу как сделать красивое украшение из бумаги для вашей комнаты из доступных материалов.

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Handmade Book Shabby Chic Journal

Sorry folks….Im whispering in this video! At least Im talking eh? lol. It was 6am in the morning and I didnt want to awaken my Scrubby so I had to whisper. But you’ll get the gist of it. I make my own books, Im self taught in bookbinding. So this has been made from scratch. I sewed all the pages together, made the covers etc. I will be uploading the process of making this book shortly, so if you fancy learning how to make your own books from scratch keep an eye out for that video. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks for you comments.

Toodles Noodles…..Lee aka Loops xx

Handmade Mother's Day Pop-up Card | Craft Nifty Creations

how to make mother’s day card at home – diy mothers day card – beautiful mothers day card

#diy #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

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AMAZING Hand Made machine | Unique Tool

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