Handmade Money Box Gift

Hello and welcome to Badger Workshop. I wanted to make some gifts for the children in the family so I made a couple of handmade money boxes.

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How to Crochet Fresh Market Crochet Bag Easy Beginner Handmade Eco Friendly Gift

In this video learn how to crochet the Fresh Market Crochet Bag. It is an easy beginner project and makes a great last minute handmade gift. Perfect gift for your eco friendly, friends, too!
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The best handmade gifts for your children!

Hey Guys, this is my first video. I hope that you will like it! Any like, comment, or subscription is a great encouragement to me. 🙂
Here’s the reason why you should stop throwing away eggshells!
PS: The egg liquid flows out from the bottom hole of the egg shell, and the torn paper towel is glued to the egg shell with glue, which makes the egg harder.

Three Handmade Christmas Gifts

Hello and welcome to Badger Workshop. Its getting close to Christmas so I have decided to make three handmade gifts. I am making a tea light holder, succulent pot and charcuterie board.

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Birthday Presents part one! Handmade Alice items from Yuri and Kirsten!!

I got sent these wonderful, mostly handmade Birthday gifts by Kirsten and fellow Youtuber Yuri! So amazing!!

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Amazing gift idea with foam sheet and cardboard | Handmade gift ideas

Today I will show you an Amazing gift idea with foam sheet and cardboard. Making this diy gift is very easy and simple. You can easily make it if you watch the video carefully till the end.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to make it. To make it you will need:

1. Foam sheet
2. Cardboard
3. Decorative lace
4. Glue gun
5. Scissors etc.

All the instructions that are needed to follow to make it are given in the video. Please follow the video till the end for better understanding.

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Wow..! Beautiful greeting card Diy | Love card | Handmade greeting card | Latest

homemade greeting card
In this video you can learn how to make beautiful greeting card. .you can gift to your friends , mothers and ur valentine too.. lets start..😍👏
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for more beautiful videos Stay connected…❤❤


Needed materials :

chart paper
a4 color paper
glitter foam sheet
white glue

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[Handmade Guides] – Make paper lamp – Origami

[Handmade Guides] – Make paper lamp – Origami

Today, Handmade Guides will do the 8 side bow from the color paper with simple ways. Let’s track offline.
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