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Handmade rings
Materials: Wood and Resin

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Here, I worked sheets of colored resin enfolded amid sheets of plywood. Rings are all hand-sanded and finished with a coat of wax. The pieces are durable, yet light and easy to wear. Each ring is a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Less will always be more.
My rings feel and look hand-made and that’s the way they’re meant to be. Rough and ready…not perfect imitations. Each one is unique.

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DIY Новогодняя елка своими руками. Новогодние поделки 2018 / Мастер-класс

Делаем новогоднюю елку своими руками. Простой и лёгкий способ как быстро сделать миниатюрную новогоднюю елку 2018 у себя дома!
Порадуйте родных и близких прекрасным сувениром, сделанным своими руками!
Эту елочку можно использовать в качестве новогоднего украшения на настоящей елке. Она послужит прекрасным подарком друзьям и знакомым.
Еще такую ёлочку можно использовать в качестве новогоднего декора, что создаст тёплую атмосферу праздника Нового года и Рождества!
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Tricia's Creations: Basic Handmade Bows

I am starting a short series on basic floral design on Tuesdays so to kick it off I decided to make this basic handmade bows tutorial. This will aslo refresh a previous video on handmade bows. I show you how to make a simple round bow that is easy and quick to do with practice. This bow can be used to embellish your floral decor and much more. It can also be very inexpensive using ribbon from Dollar Tree. Take a look and also get a little tip on how to use smaller bows for hair.
Creating Handmade Bows:

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Birthday Card Shadow Box | DIY Gifts | Handmade Cards for Birthday | Handmade Gift Ideas

Cute Birthday Card cum Birthday Gift in the form of a shadow box. This is a handmade card for birthday that we have made using cardstock craft paper and some cute stickers. It is a great DIY gift idea for boyfriend or birthday card for best friend. You can also customize it to make Valentines Day Card, Mothers Day Card, Fathers Day Card or Friendship Day Card.

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Title – Birthday Card Shadow Box | DIY Gifts | Handmade Cards for Birthday | Handmade Gift Ideas

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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Whitney Sews

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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide full of idea for gifts you can make and give this holiday season!

All how tos mentioned – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6bNa81aVS4TS9ODXFFB-V41R_YW2829-

Previous Handmade Holiday Gift Guides – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6bNa81aVS4QGL0cCTk2sktrRC_qh-LdV

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DIY: 3 friendship day handmade gift ideas!!

Hey Guys!!
This video is very special as it is related to friends!!
Here I am sharing 3 amazing DIY gift ideas which you can gift to your friends and your friends can use them all days and not just friendship day.. I hope you like them and got inspired to make some handmade gift for your friends this friendship day and make them feel special!!

Thanks for watching!!
Love being creative!!


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DIY Easy Piano Origami Tutorial & Instructions – Paper Crafts Handmade Gift Idea

Here’s a tutorial on how to make an origami piano! Those who know me know I have an obsession with origami and the piano (I didn’t play for very long, but that’s besides the point, haha). I think I love the instrument, itself, more than actually playing it. Naturally, you would expect something like this to unfold (pun intended). Here’s a very easy origami tutorial! Enjoy! 🙂

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2019 Review – Hand Made Oil Painting Reproductions from 1st-art-gallery.com

Review of a handmade oil painting reproduction from Carol Devine – 1st-art-gallery.com

ТОП 10 DIY's ЕДА И НАПИТКИ Для Кукол и Брелки Своими Руками Food & Drinks

Сборник 10 мастер-классов по лепке из полимерной глины, пластилина, лёгкого пластилина …
Polymer Clay Compilation
🍌Банан: 0:11
🍩Пончики в виде милых животных 0:49
🍰Чизкейк 3:47
🍤Креветка 5:09
🍪Шоколадное печенье 5:56
☕Усатая чашка горячего шоколада с зефирками 6:55
🍦Кофейный коктейль Фраппучино 9:23
🥚Парные брелочки BFF половинки варёного яйца 10:42
🍭Радужный леденец на палочке 12:19
🍫Надкусанная плитка шоколада 13:02

Огромный Сборник 30 Мастер-Классов Из Моего Инстаграма Лепка DIY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J-Cc9V54FE&t=4s
30 МИЛЫХ ЖИВОТНЫХ Лепка Большой DIY Сборник

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How to Make a Vintage Handmade Brooch. DIY Gift Ideas.

In this new DIY tutorial I will tell you how to make a holiday vintage brooch. Handmade brooch is one of the cutest accessories that will decorate your dress, bone or any other clothing.

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