Our mothers deserve the best! And what can be better than a cool handmade gift made with love and care? Today, we prepared a whole collection of awesome handmade gifts for any occasion.

Glass gems are the source of never-ending creativity. You can do anything you want with them – they are beautiful and cheap. You can bake them in the oven and cool them down in a bowl of cold water – this is how you get the effect of cracks on them. Glue them to a setting and use them as pendants or earrings.

The next incredible jewelry idea is coming your way. You can grow your own magic crystals at home! All you need for that is mixing a couple of ingredients that are shown in our video. Wait 24 hours and see what happens! Glue the magic crystals to the setting and cover them with transparent nail polish to protect them. Beautiful jewelry is ready!

You can make a cool jewelry organizer. All you need for that one is a piece of wood, a couple of doorknobs, and a piece of string. Repeat after us and now all your jewelry will always be nicely organized. Another jewelry organizer can be made of towels and a box. Check out our tutorial and learn how to do it.

You can use popsicle sticks to make cool jewelry. All you need is to soak them in water and then make them round using a glass jar. The next step is decorating them as you wish.

You can make a lot of cool party decorations using paper. 3D stars, snowflakes made out of paper strips, big colorful flowers – all of them just require a little bit of patience, creativity, and…ordinary paper!

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make beautiful DIY flowers.


0:49 – Growing crystals
1:57 – Making a jewelry organizer
4:42 – 3D paper decorations
8:52 – Yarn painting

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Eco India: Meet the man who is building hand-made nests for sparrows in the city

Every week, Eco India brings you stories of innovations from across India and Europe, and the people who make them possible. Our top story this week looks at environmentalist Rakesh Khatri, who has been teaching people to build hand-made nests for sparrows, birds that have been rendered virtually homeless in the urban jungle of Delhi.



Supervising Producer: Nooshin Mowla

Director of Photography: Siddharth Subramanian

Second Camera: Amit Bose

Video Editor: Sujit Lad

Script & Field Producer: Ipsita Basu

Assistant Producer: Shibika Suresh

Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu


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Folding maze card tutorial | hand made |

*Material used:
1. Card sheets
2. Glue
3. Scissors

1st sheet size 10 by 20 CM
2nd sheet size 9 by 18 CM
3rd sheet size 8 by 16 CM
4th sheet size 7 by 14 CM
5th sheet size 6 by 12 CM
6th sheet size 5 by 10 CM
7th sheet size 4 by 8 CM
8th sheet size 3 by 6 CM
9th sheet size 2 by 4 CM


ТОТ САМЫЙ "Длинный коготь" Меч Джона Сноу из Игры престолов своими руками. Отдам в хорошие руки!

В этом видео покажу полный процесс изготовления меча Джона Сноу из Игры престолов.
Понравилось видео? ПОДПИШИСЬ!
Сварочные и плазменные инверторы тут –
Сайт ТМ “Сварог” – http://svarog-rf.ru

Официальный видео канал ТМ “Сварог” YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3PMEHBCHh0nehBwcL2ZFNg
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А вы уже посмотрели 8 сезон игры престолов? Я пока еще нет, но решил , что сделать памятный меч для подписчиков будет круто. Опять не кованный , но все таки уже почти как настоящий. Гарда и рукоять разборные, правильный дол и прочие детали. Надеюсь, вам понравится меч Джона Сноу “длинный коготь” из игры престолов!

Чтобы участвовать в розыгрыше- просто оставьте комментарий под видео. Как повелось- любое количество и содержание, главное , оставайтесь в рамках приличий. 13го мая будут результаты в группе вк https://vk.com/bonnfactory

Розыгрыш будет проводиться при помощи сервиса

Sponges, On Sticks, and Wires – Three Hand Made Tools for Making Pottery – Episode 1

Cindy has always made a lot of her tools for use when throwing or hand building pottery. This series introduces several in groups of “Three handmade tools!” “Every day is Clay Day!®.

Amazing Glass Steam Engine; a handmade piece of art.

For the original Glass Steam Engine video, visit http://youtu.be/73txXT21aZU.

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5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

Prisoners can be very ingenuitive when it comes to making weapons…

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5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons