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A timeless symbol of love, dedication and commitment, an engagement ring represents a beautiful lifelong journey of devotion and companionship.

The JannPaul Octagon Hearts & Arrows, or D’amor, is one of a kind. It is an elegant piece with a touch of playfulness and personality. A classic icon of endless love, the diamond ring features 88 facets, 8 sides, 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows for a captivating dance in the sparkle at all angles.

The innovative design of the JannPaul Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond ring involves the expertise of our Mastercrafter. With over 20 years of experience, our Mastercrafter painstakingly ensures that the Octagon diamond is perfectly levelled and aligned during the mounting process.

This requires a high level of skills and patience, given the 8 uniform corners of the Octagon diamond. A perfect symmetry is needed to fully showcase the Octagon diamond’s shape and beauty. Special attention is given to the prongs securing the main diamond, where a perfect wedge is cut out to fit and secure the Octagon diamond tightly.

A perfect chamfer is polished on the prong tips to enhance the elegance of the overall diamond and ring. The security of the diamond is paramount in any ring creation and exact precision is required to make the perfect solitaire ring, for that perfect diamond.

From custom made diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewellery, JannPaul has been providing consumers in Singapore with spectacular diamonds at competitive prices for a decade. Our company was founded in 2010 and now operates our flagship store in Orchard Road.

JannPaul’s range features timeless designs with a modern twist. We introduced our Super Ideal Cut Diamond in 2011 that incorporates high light performance, optical symmetry, and VS2 clarity grades.

Octagon Hearts & Arrows aside, our collection includes 1-carat diamond rings, cushion cut diamonds and more.

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Custom Handmade Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has a round diamond set in the center and a princess cut diamond on either side of the center. This ring is 14k yellow gold and made inhouse by Christopher. For your custom design call (815)227-5500.

Which Sunglasses Are Best? Persol Or Ray-ban – Why Handmade Quality Always Wins Over Luxury Branding

After being greatly inspired by a video I saw recently on the excellent “Alpha M” channel about Ray-Ban Wayfarers, I decide to give my own opinion on which sunglasses brand I myself consider the best. I discuss luxury branding in context of the quality of sunglasses and how sometimes paying a bit more for the handmade quality over out sourced mass production can really pay off and last you a lifetime. Todays video I talk specifically about my favourite brand; Persol, its long legacy as a heritage brand, iconic Eurocentric and hollywood 60s sophistication, the unique production of its glasses, and which pair I choose for myself. A good pair of Ray-bans will last a decade but a good pair of Persol will last a lifetime.

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MARINA – Handmade Heaven (Instrumental)

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Handmade Jewelry

This video showcases my artistic development over the course of two years, highlighting my use of various styles, advanced metalsmithing and keen eye for gemstones. Many pieces featured in this video were custom designs commissioned by clients who were seeking unique jewelry making techniques. In addition to custom work, I have a wide array of jewelry for direct purchase. I offer the option to customize pieces that incorporate your personality and style. My primary mediums are Argentium silver, solid gold and 14k gold-filled. Argentium, a premium, tarnish resistant silver alloy combination, is considered to be the finest silver in the world, and contains more pure silver than sterling. If you are interested in purchasing any inventory pieces or having a custom piece of jewelry designed, please inquire through message or e-mail. My passion is rooted in working with customers to create individualized pieces which reflect meaning and importance in their lives. Any piece in this video can be recreated and personalized with different stones, styles, size or metals. Several pieces in this video are still for sale, so please inquire with curiosities. Please like and subscribe if you feel inspired to :). You may contact or follow me with the links below. Thank you for viewing my handmade jewelry collection.
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Hand made macrama first time on MA creation| new product| urdu| hindi

in this channel we also provide a best idea of handi craft and 5 minutes hakes only on in this channels please like my my channel if you have interest in hand made product then please support me please like my face book channel link is given below’;’

Hand made makrama first time on MA creation| new product| urdu| hindi

Handmade Jewellery Making Design Pendant Temprell

Commissioned handmade pendant in silver, 22.60ct blue topaz. This unique & individual piece was inspired by our customer & finely crafted by TEMPRELL to her specific requirements. Any piece of jewellery can be repaired, re-modelled, handmade or designed on CAD. All work is carried out on the premises by our team of jewellery professionals. Please search TEMPRELL to see us on facebook.

MARINA – Handmade Heaven [Official Music Video]

Official Music Video | MARINA – Handmade Heaven

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“In some ways we live in a very unnatural world – our brains are constantly trying to adjust and adapt to a lot of social and technological change – and I think that can cause a lot of suffering. So many people have anxiety now + the natural world has less of a role in our lives. That’s why this song is important to me. It’s about the sadness of feeling separate from nature. Handmade Heaven is an imagined paradise. The song is also about a connection with people who are on the same wavelength as you – and how special that feels when that happens.🕊” – MARINA

My new album Love + Fear is out April 26. Pre-order now: https://marina.lnk.to/loveandfear-preorder
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[Verse 1]
I envy the birds high up in the trees
They live out their lives so purposefully
I envy the spiders, the squirrels and seeds
They all find their way automatically

But in this handmade heaven, I come alive
Bluebirds forever colour the sky
In this handmade heaven, we forget the time
‘Cause birds of a feather fly together

[Verse 2]
I carry along a feel of unease
I want to belong like the birds in the trees
I sit on my own, look over the town
The skyscrapers glow like they’ll never fall down

But in this handmade heaven, it’s paradise
Bluebirds forever colour the sky
In this handmade heaven, we forget the time
‘Cause birds of a feather fly together
In this handmade heaven, I come alive
Bluebirds forever colour the sky
In this handmade heaven, handmade heaven
Handmade heaven, handmade heaven

And I could no longer ignore
The ivy growing tall
This life don’t suit me anymore
The writing’s on the wall

In this handmade heaven, I come alive
Bluebirds forever colour the sky
In this handmade heaven, handmade heaven
Handmade heaven, handmade heaven

(Bluebirds forever) Birds of a feather
(Bluebirds forever) Fly together
(Bluebirds forever) In this strange, strange weather
(Bluebirds forever) In this handmade heaven
In this handmade heaven, in this handmade heaven
In this handmade heaven, in this handmade heaven

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Director – Sophie Muller
Production Company – PRETTYBIRD
Co-Founder UK / Exec Producer – Juliette Larthe
Head of Production / EP – Hannah May
Producer– Sophie Brooks
Local Production Services – NAFTA Films
Line Producer – Helen Lõhmus
Production Assistant – Sissel-Maria Mägi
Location Manager – Kenn Rull
Assistant Location Manager – Krisjan Daniel Esko
DOP – Evgeny Bystrov
1st AC / Focus Puller – Kaarel Tiidus
DIT – Sanna Rink
Gaffer – Indrek Raag
Stylist: Elle Fell
Hair – Ben Moth
Makeup – Adam de Cruz

Special thanks to the following filmmakers for the use of their time lapse flower footage –David de los Santos Gil; and from “Spring” c/o Jamie Scott

Commissioner: Dan Curwin


Handmade Jewellery | Jewellery Making | Ventuno Art

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