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by request: Make your dolls these Fabsome, Comfy Cozy Doll Onesies!! Your dolls will never want to wear anything else XD

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Handmade Coffee Cozy Tutorial

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This is a fun little simple sewing project that would make a great gift! A coffee cozy! Such a cute and fun accessory for your next Starbucks trip! Makes great stocking stuffers or teachers presents.

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Outer Fabric (Mine is Anna Maria Horner linen and Kona solid)
Lining fabric
Scrap of batting you could use flannel too
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Thread
Small piece of thin elastic
1 Button

The Steps:

Use a Starbucks cardboard sleeve as your pattern piece. Trace around adding 1/4 inch for
the seam allowance on the outer fabric, lining and batting. (If you do an embroidery detail, embroider the image first and then cut to size.)

Place outer fabric right side up, place lining fabric right side down and then the bathing. Pin in place and stitch 1/4 of an inch all the way around leaving a small opening to turn.

Trim corners

Turn sleeve/cozy right side out (a chopstick or point turner may be helpful)

Press well

Loop elastic, insert into opening and pin in place.

Stitch 1/8 of an inch all the way around, catching the elastic to secure

Mark placement of button

Hand sew the button in place

Leave me comments if you have any questions!