Scale Shop Build: Part 4 Adding Handmade and 3D Printed Accessories

The 1/24 scale RC shop build continues with some more custom made tools and accessories. A mix of both handmade items made from materials I had laying around (or got from the trash), and some 3D printed models as well. It’s always a lot of fun working on this project and making these videos. I also appreciate all the ideas and suggestions all of you have been commenting in previous videos, keep them coming. It’s also great to hear that many of you have been inspired to make your own scale garage dioramas. I’m always glad to hear that these videos have been an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do making them. 👍

Scale Shop Build Playlist:

STL files for parts designed in this video:

1/24 And 1/25 scale products for scale shops and dioramas:

I know there are some people who like to watch the CAD footage so I made a video showing how I designed each at a much slower speed that what is shown in this video:

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EASY PHOTO: How to create cheap, handmade tripod made of razors!

Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped you with creating little, cheap handmade tripod. Its very easy and useful in you photo works!

The Lomo’Instant Camera –

4.900 Handmade Paper Flowers on a Dress – Making my own Dior dress

Since I can’t afford a real Dior Dress, I made my own – out of paper, of course.
I went to fashion school because I wanted to work for Dior, but even after life took me somewhere else, the dream of owning one is not dead.
The company I work for was kind enough to give me a few boxes of old brochures they were throwing away and I took the chance to turn them into something wearable (tell me about sustainability, lol). This is a DIY Dior dress – don’t miss the chance to have your own haute couture gown 😀

4.900 hand-made paper flowers
Hundreds of hours of work
Thousands of kilometers to have the reveal in the city of fashion

I didn’t find the real price of the dress, so this 200k is based on similar dresses made by them. in reality, I think it’s worth way more
What do you think?!

Check out Kelly’s Channel for REAL paper bead tutorials:

How they make the original dress:

Clothes from weird materials, I am your girl! Check these out:

Youtubers as patterns? OF COURSE!:

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-Old brochures
– Flower punches
-Wood burner
– Hat making bits
-Glue gun
-Thick paper for base
-Contact Cement
-Paper Bead Rollers

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Горшок для цветов своими руками – самый простой способ. Flower pot with own hands.

Видео о том как сделать креативный горшок для цветов в домашних условиях, из перлфикса
(Perlfix – клей для гипсокартона)Быстро,дёшево и оригинально.
Здесь можно увидеть результат в конце видео:
Video on how to make a creative flower pot at home, from perlix
(Perlfix – glue for drywall) Fast, cheap and original.
Here you can see the result at the end of the video:
Видео по изготовлению копилки из гипса:
Ищу администратора в группу ВК.

DIY How to Make PHOTO RAKHI | Raksha Bandhan |Hand Made Rakhi Ideas

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How to make awesome slippers! Handmade fashion week ideas.

Well fucking hello! Danny here and today we gonna make ‘the-coolest-motherfucking-slippers-ever’ in the best traditions of hand-made TV shows.

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handmade awesome diy awesome slippers
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PUBG Mobile Cover for PUBG lovers || Hand Made Mobile Cover by Ray Collections

Hand made Mobile Cover for PUBG lovers.An easy DIY which you can do by yourself with cheap things at home.Please comment your reviews about this DIY.Like share and subscribe.

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