Bike Porn! Handmade, Custom Bikes From The Bespoked Bike Show 2016

Check out the stunning handmade bikes on show at the Bespoked bike show…

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Who doesn’t love custom bikes? From the nerdy, to the beautiful, to the sublime, to the questionable, they’re all on show at the Bespoked bike show…

Let us know your favourites down in the comments.

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NEW Hope HB130 | A Versatile Hand-built UK-made All-rounder

After a mixed reception to its first bike, Hope’s new mid-travel 29er has evolved in the right way. Despite being made with meticulous attention to detail, Lancashire components brand Hope’s first bike, the HB160, was (by its own admission) slightly outdated by the time it hit the shops in 2017.

It’s cramped sizing and tall seat tube heights were two of our only complaints about an otherwise beautifully finessed package, so it’s with relief that we can say these aren’t issues with its new addition to the range, the HB130.

This 130mm travel, 29er is the second hand-built carbon bike to come out of Barnoldswick, and it’s a refinement of what Hope learned from its smaller wheeled, 160mm travel enduro rig.

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Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

In a crowded Philadelphia garage, Adam Cramer revives vintage motorcycles and the American tradition of grease-stained self-reliance.

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Art of making handmade bicycles (custom tailored in NorCal)

Jeremy Sycip was in art school when he first started thinking about making his own bikes. “I was into riding so I rode my bike a lot. A bunch of friends were racing and I was like you know what I don’t race, I’m not competitive at all and I like working with my hands so I started calling around to different bike companies and I found a guy in Santa Cruz (Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster) and he kind of took me in.”

SyCip dropped out of art school and started building frames and finally opened his own shop, SyCip Bikes. In the nearly 23 years since he began crafting cycles, he estimates that he’s built a couple thousand bikes.

The process begins with an interview, asking clients what they are looking for in a bike and how they ride. Then, like a fitting for a custom suit, SyCip meticulously measures his clients and evaluates them on a sizing cycle. He enters the specs in a CAD program and creates a blueprint before he begins the cutting and welding: the stuff he loves.
His bikes range from racing cycles to more specialty rides. Hanging in his shop, there’s a full-frame bike with couplings so the frame breaks in half and fits in a standard suitcase to avoid oversize baggage fees while flying. At his home office, he’s finishing up a cargo bike for a woman, her groceries and dog. One of his personal favorites is his BBQ bike: fit with a cutting board, carving knife, bottle opener and a propane BBQ.

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