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MyMahoganyModel is your first choice for unique desktop quality hand made wood model airplanes and wooden helicopter models and wooden toy planes. Stock, and custom made personalised scale handcrafted and hand painted wooden model aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, rockets, airships and blimps, tail shields, boats, submarines and ships, military wall plaques and seals all made out of carefully selected kiln dried, environmentally friendly (renewable) hardwood – Philippine mahogany

As a UK Pilot owned and operated company with a production facility in the Philippines- MyMahoganyModel offer stock( and custom made) authentic museum quality wooden model aircraft in Private & Civilian, Military Jet Warplanes, Military Propeller, Glider, Science Fiction, Space, NASA and Experimental categories – even aviation “nose art” panels. Different to many other companies, MyMahoganyModel operate direct from the manufacturing environment and not through other 3rd party or trading companies. The quality of your model replica is assured from day one of manufacture. Our renowned model airplanes are suitable as collectibles, executive gifts, premium and promotional incentives, art gallery exhibits and many other purposes. Each model is hand carved and completely handpainted to replicate the aircrafts livery, markings, paint scheme and registration number. Logo’s or text can be carved or painted on the stand and a brass plaque with your personal inscription or wording adds that extra class to your model (available at an additional charge). MyMahoganyModel are an official licensee of “The Boeing Company” and all our models meet the stringent quality requirements imposed by the original manufacturer.

All the models you see on are handcrafted and hand painted by our gifted artists and master craftsmen, and are packed with authentic detail based on the actual aircraft blueprints. The photographs of actual models you see have not been manipulated or edited – they are exactly as the model looks in real life but unfortunately even digital photography cannot do full justice to the look and feel of the model! We have however included a large number of “digitally” created models to expand our database. To achieve this we took real photographs of aircraft and made them into the resemblance of a model. You can be assured that the final result will be a true and faithful representation of what you already see in the photograph and prior to despatch we will email you photos of the final product for your approval. Please visit our Testimonial or Customer Reference Page to see the kind words that have been said about our models.

If you do not find the model you require in our extensive database we can make a customised model of your own or favourite airplane, warplane, submarine, boat, ship, helicopter or airship – just email us at Any plane type painted in any livery or paint scheme and made specifically to your specifications including a custom base with your choice of logo and/or a brass plaque with your personal wording of up to 4 lines. Full quotations given within 48 hours and digital photos emailed to you of the final model before despatch. Just email us your photos of the plane you would like to us copy.

Most models are made to order and take about 8 – 10 weeks* to manufacture (even bespoke customised or personalized models) which is significantly quicker than the vast majority of our competitors. You will also notice that we offer models at prices way below other companies advertising on the web. We are able do this because of the direct manufacturing and selling basis of our business – models direct from the factory located near Clark Air Base in the Philippines, shipped through DHL courier service and delivered to your home (whether across the Pacific or the Atlantic) worldwide within 5 business days (DHL Priority also available 1-3 business days). The price of each model is inclusive of the stand of your choice and full export packing. All prices in US Dollars. *from date of order confirmation

Working from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, our master craftsmen will meticulously recreate your airplane into an amazingly detailed desktop replica. Each model is hand carved from solid mahogany and completely hand painted to match your aircraft paint scheme and registration number. No detail will be spared!

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DIY ✈️ – Как сделать самолет ИСТРЕБИТЕЛЬ с ракетами из бумаги А4 своими руками

🛩️ ✈ Инструкция, как сделать своими руками самолет истребитель из бумаги А4. Также для большей детализации с оригинальным реактивным истребителем, ми на этой модельке разместили 6 ракет, они находятся под крыльями у этого самолета.

Нужные материалы: 4 листа бумаги формата А4, клей и ножницы.

Для изготовления 1 такого бумажного истребителя нужно около 20 минут Вашего времени. Запаситесь терпением, оно того стоит.

Справка: Истребитель – военный самолет предназначенный для уничтожения воздушных целей противника с последующим завоеванием полного господства в воздухе.

DIY модельки из бумаги:

DIY оружие из бумаги:

Подписаться на ютуб канал «Оригами и diy поделки из бумаги А4»:

Ссылка на это видео:

А главное помните, что каждое сделанное своими руками DIY или оригами немножко Вас облагораживает, а сам процесс складывания из бумаги, приучает к внимательности и терпению, развивает моторику рук и пробуждает интерес к творчеству.

Благодарю, что посмотрели наш diy ролик))) Будет просто замечательно, если Вы в комментариях к этому видео напишите, получилось ли у Вас сделать такой самолетик, а может есть какие то пожелания или предложения по будущим поделкам.

Друзья! Ставьте лайки и подписывайтесь на канал.


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