Beeswax Candles DIY- Handmade Candles at Home

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Learn how to make beeswax candles in this video tutorial.

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I guess I am a maker in every sense of the word.

Even when I know I can get something relatively inexpensively at the store, I still find so much satisfaction in learning how to make it myself at home.

Being a maker allows me to add my own creative spin on everything and enjoy the process of seeing pieces and ingredients become finished things.

Sure, I can buy handmade dresses for my girls on Etsy, but adding an extra ruffle here, and little ties there, is such a rewarding experience for me.

Even though I can get a knitted hat for my baby boy at the Dollar Store, nothing can replace the love a mama puts into making it.

There is so much more value in a handmade piece. Love, care and creativity are behind every item.

I want to see my kids have the same love for creating that I do.

I want to see them bake the bread, knit the hat, sew the dress and arrange the flowers.

Their homes will be richer for it.

In the last year I added something new to my handmade repertoire.

Beeswax Candles!

I bought these beeswax pellets on Amazon. Until I can get more wax from the local beekeeper, this is the route I will go.

They were so easy to work with and inexpensive.

I added the one pound package of beeswax pellets and 1/2 cup coconut oil to my double broiler set up.

I also added a good size hunk of cocoa butter, for the delicious chocolate smell.

It’s basically; melt the wax, add the wick, pour it in.

I will get a little more detailed in the instructions to make it feel like I’m really teaching you something here, but there isn’t a whole lot to it.

But, trust me, if you make these for gifts, your family and friends will be super impressed.

I used hot glue to secure the wicks to the bottom of the jars, doing my best to center them as much as possible. I bought these wicks on Amazon.

To keep the wicks centered, I wrapped them around skewers, that I laid on top of the jars.

After the beeswax and coconut oil were fully melted, I added essential oils. This step is totally optional.

Beeswax smells delicious all on its own, but I wanted to experiment with some different scents.

I wanted to make a relaxing candle, so I added lavender essential oil.

This stuff hardens VERY quickly, so don’t take your time filling the jars.

If you do, just return the bowl to the double broiler.

Since I had poured my wax in a measuring cup for easy pouring, the wax was sticking to the sides of it. I just put the measuring cup in the oven for a few minutes on 350, and it was liquid again.

It took the larger candles about 5-10 minutes to set up completely.

What delicious combinations can you come up with?

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“Create the life you want everyday. Do things that bring you happiness!”- Cookie

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Handmade toran, Door Hanging Toran From Woolen Very Easy, How to Make Wool Toran

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Raisa Handmade – Unboxing Handmade Boxset

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В небольшом разделе «ВСЕ ПРО КОШЕК» собраны видео о кошках, котах и котятах. Полезные советы о том, как их выращивать и воспитывать. Также в плейлист включены любительские видео про котенка Мурзика, который в 2 месяца поселился в новом доме и в скором времени стал полноправным членом семьи.





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