Hand Painted Floral Cake Tutorial- Rosie's Dessert Spot

In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to create a beautiful hand painted floral cake.

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for the buttercream frosting:

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for the buttercream frosting:

The colours used:
Blue Amerimist Airbrush colour

Gel food colours in:
Forest Green
Chocolate Brown

Where do I begin?? Thank you guys soo much for all your amazing support over the years! I honestly wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you. You guys keep me driven and motivated to create more videos and keep my passion alive. I love creating, I love sharing, I love seeing your work as well and connecting with you all over cake! It had been an incredible journey and I have created so many friends along the way. I am so greatful for your support and positive energy and look forward to making more awesome content for you guys. Love you all!!!

Rosie xx

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Top 10 Handmade Islands in The World 2017 | Wacky Alan

The gradual formation of the Earth has given us some impressive islands, which are home to some of humankind’s biggest cities and even countries. While humans can’t make islands as impressive as mother nature, we’ve certainly have made some very cool ones. These are 10 of the most amazing artificial islands from all around the globe.

10. Notre Dame Island, Canada (25 hectares)

9. Wilhelmstein, Germany (134,548 square feet)

8. Treasure Island, USA (576.7 acres)

7. Hulhumalé, Maldives (0.7 square mile)

6. THUMS Islands, USA (12 acres)

5. The World, United Arab Emirates (4.0 kilometres)

4. Amwaj Islands, Bahrain (600,000 square feet)

3. IJburg, Netherlands (1.274 mi² )

2. The Pearl-Qatar, Qatar (32 kilometres)

1. Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates (2.209 mi²)

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Новогодняя объемная СНЕЖИНКА из бумаги своими руками

Новогодняя объемная СНЕЖИНКА из бумаги своими руками
Канал Своими Руками

Как сделать снежинку из бумаги

ЕЛОВАЯ ВЕТОЧКА С ШИШКАМИ из гофрированной бумаги

Handmade Chopsticks v.s. Machine Made Chopsticks

At the Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, a guy was demonstrating the difference between handmade chopsticks v.s. machine made chopsticks. I was so amazed that it could pick up the konnyaku that I had to buy one for myself.

The humming sound in the background is actually the sound of the guy engraving the chopsticks (at no extra cost!)

Beautiful Handmade Happy New Year 2019 Card Idea / DIY Greeting Cards for New Year.

Watch my video and i show you guys fast and cheap way to make new year 2019 card. Learn how to create a new year card,I have some pretty awesome ideas for you! If you like to make handmade new year card you need
1. some coloring paper
2. a hard paper
3. coloring pen etc.
This is a tutorial video on how to make Cute & easy last moment Greetings for special persons.

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Новогодние украшения своими руками. 3D елочки из бумаги. Поделки на Новый Год легко и просто

Новогодние украшения из бумаги делаются легко и быстро! На изготовление такой 3D елочки из бумаги уйдет не более 7 минут. Украшения сделанные своими руками всегда приятно удивляют гостей и радуют своей оригинальностью. Такие поделки на Новый Год украсят вашу комнату, рабочее место у компьютера или это может быть элементом декора новогоднего стола. Можно вместе с ребенком сделать легко и просто гирлянду из таких 3D елочек. Творите вместе с каналом Toys Show Channel

Gift idea/Explosion Box for friend/surprize box/birthday gift/Handmade Explosion box

made this Explosion box