Why I love the Most Expensive Hand Tools made for Carpenters: Martinez Tools

Why I love the Most Expensive Hand Tools made for Carpenters: Martinez Tools

I have been wanting to make a video on why I love the most expensive carpenter hand tools for awhile now, and thankfully, I met up with Mark Martinez at the JLC Live show in Providence, Rhode Island to do just that. You guys have been asking for a toolsday in regards to the Martinez tools I am always using, so who better to do it with than the man himself.

Hammers are $224, square is $250. Just putting that out there right now. What I love about the system is it modularity. You can buy into the titanium system and put multiple different heads on the same titanium handle. With the square, the shoe is removable, which means future innovations. Beyond that, what I really like to watch, is how excited Mark is when he comes up with something new, and uses the power of social media and the community to bounce back ideas. He listens to the guys in the field in order to make the best tools possible.

Mark is probably one of the nicest guys that I have met in the tool industry, and trust me, he doesn’t need to be out selling tools at shows. He originally developed Stiletto Tools back in the day and sold it to TTI which is the parent company for Milwaukee Tools. After about 8 years being away from the business, he couldn’t stay away any longer, so he made it his mission to come out with some killer titanium hand tools in order to help out guys in the trade.

Pretty fortunate to Call Mark my friend, so yes, this is a glowing promotion or recommendation for anyone in the trades that uses these specific tools daily to check them out.


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29 thoughts on “Why I love the Most Expensive Hand Tools made for Carpenters: Martinez Tools

  1. I have been wanting to do this toolsday for awhile but wanted to share it with Mark. What other toolsday's would you guys and girls like to see.

  2. Hi, I’m an Irish carpenter living in Ireland. I bought Marks M1 about a year and a half ago. Best hammer I ever used or owned. I didn’t realize Mark made other tools. I liked the look of the framing square with stair nuts- how much is that and does anyone have one?

  3. I’m definitely making my order for the M4 hammer, but $250 for a speed square is a pretty hard to swallow.
    It is great to see an 🇺🇸 company thriving and I’m looking forward to see what other new tools he improves.
    I just want to say thx to Mark Martinez for making these tools for us 🛠

  4. I own a M1 milled face curved grip framing hammer and a M4 dimple face curved grip finish hammer. I haven't bought the square yet though I just couldn't justify the cost for what it is, but one day I will buy it.

  5. I had asked you about your speed square a few months ago, and you messaged me back with the brand name. Thank by the way! But when I look on their website, it always says they're on back order. Is it a tool that they just make to order?

  6. The hammer is pretty cool.. the square is too much. I'll stick to my Swanson strictly because I also have a tendency to use my square as a little block to help tap lap siding into a tight corner without breaking the siding lol.. not professional i know, but it's a lot faster than finding a block or something to tap it with. Just pull the square and set the lip on the edge that needs to go in, give er a little tappy tap and your done. So my square has some light dimpling on the edge from my hammer but that's part of my daily use

  7. I hammer so much these days my arm gets tired. Hang on
    , that was 1975! Now compressed air does it. BUT hey what I need most is a NASA hammer monthly payment plan for the remaining
    2% of nails. Whew saved again by kyles financial insight.

  8. I love to see companies that build for the tradesman and not for an investment company. I love going to work and using tools that are enjoyable to use and that meet all my expectations. I don't mind saving up – even if it's for a year- to buy a good tool that makes my job more enjoyable and efficient. Going on 20 years as a carpenter and builder.


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  11. How about changing "you guys" to "you folks"? There are a lot of us women carpenters and cabinet makers in the trades too. Include us in your videos, at least by not always saying "you guys". Thanks for the video, and yes Martinez makes great hammers!

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