Traditional Hand Made paper making -Nepal

Traditional Hand Made paper making -Nepal

This film will help you to provide knowledge for how to make Traditional Nepali handmade papers and products .This film is made by Marja Van Galen and dedicated to her friend Manohar Upreti .

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Manohar Upreti

23 thoughts on “Traditional Hand Made paper making -Nepal

  1. You may simplify and speed up your process by putting dye right in the forming vat. Then you don't need to put it into a dye vat and smooth it out on the metal plate.

  2. Wow! such a touching video..I will share it to my students….A very commendable workers : ) Can we buy it online? I haven't seen Nepal paper products here in the Philippines…Hope I can buy before Christmas, it would be a good gift. By the way thanks for posting the video : ) Highly appreciated!

  3. How interesting! I wish they showed more of the finished product or that giant sheet of paper. Probably very high quality paper.

  4. I would like to visit this place, could you please provide me locations and contact number please..???

  5. dear sir im from banke distt. and i want your contact no. for bussiness my e-mail id is – Contact No. 9868129299 plz contact me

  6. Lokta paper very high quality I use it for my calligraphy, I used Burmese paper but Nepali paper is the top quality above all. Thanks for the Video.

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