Tour of Custom Handmade Campervans at CAMP QUIRKY 2017

Tour of Custom Handmade Campervans at CAMP QUIRKY 2017

I think we say the word, “beautiful” a few too many times here, but we just couldn’t help it!! This footage is all from Camp Quirky 2017, which we were so grateful to be a part of! To learn more about this annual event + to hire a Quirky Camper of your very own, visit:

+ Meet Hector, the Quirky Camper we lived in for 3 weeks during the very beginning of our VanLife Europe travels:


10 Tips for Americans Traveling the U.K. in a Campervan!

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Mr and Mrs Adventure

30 thoughts on “Tour of Custom Handmade Campervans at CAMP QUIRKY 2017

  1. How much is the ticket to get in. Can I trade in there, seems everyone trading their stuff arts and craft

  2. Well that’s way to far to drive from Alabama USA, lol. But my van MoonPie would fit right in there.

  3. So this is not to be offensive, just honest…I find it funny that at these camps or even in videos about mobile traveling in a tiny home or even in a regular tiny home there are no black people lol Its funny how when I tell my friends that I want to do this they say Im crazyy. Lol I guess a lot of people…not just black people are more comfortable with more things, material designer things, everything at the push of a button. I am 50 and I am ready to have and live with less and experience the beauty of the world. Im scared as hell I think, but for sure you all will see this black woman at one of these camps. Lol

  4. The one at 2:35, would have loved to see the if that was a bathroom behind the door and if so, what it looks like.

  5. Defiantly feels like a business selling custom van conversions under the disguise of an actual van camp by random individuals at a camp ground !

  6. It is always the back story where you find out … both of these individuals come from money and I'm sure they have no college debt or other debt and have continually been funded by family. I find little to relate to another pair of rich kids "Tony Robbins" their way through life. I'm sure their followers, many of the same cloth, think this false lifestyle is great. Yes, life is too short. And full of trust fund babies…

  7. Wow. Such a wide van. Makes living easy. And they still show us that a van is made to live out of not in.

  8. I think Mrs. Adventure might just be the most adorable thing to ever happen to the internet. So beautiful and sweet. I don't know how I'm just now finding this channel.

  9. Definitely, some impressive custom built homes on wheels. I hope mine looks as nice when I'm done

  10. You guys look awesome together and we love your videos here in Iran 🇮🇷. Lots of love from here in Iran 🇮🇷

  11. Road maps??? I have the big books for certain states but that is so I can flip back and forth and see trails, logging roads, and the like for hunting, etc. for everything else there are too many apps on my iPad to bother with…

  12. Do you know Jamie? They do van builds. The next one will be in Parker Arizona if anyone needs help. They need to bring their own supplies and the work is free. Here is the link. I'm so jealous. I love those vans and just heard that you're not in the states. Wish you were.

  13. Ameiiiiiiiii assistir lindas van q pena q aqui no meu país chamado Brazil não tem esse costume de campings seria bom demais essas vans São caras então vou só sonhando rsrs

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