The world's finest shoes handmade in Budapest

The world's finest shoes handmade in Budapest

Custom-made shoes, expertly manufactured by hand, have since become a rarity – but by no means an extinct specimen.

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23 thoughts on “The world's finest shoes handmade in Budapest

  1. Extraordinarily beautiful shoes, made by expert craftsmen and craftswomen who take pride in their work. Bravo! Thanks!

  2. Respect for those hardworking hand crafters from Chicago to Budapest this mass production has killed the quality and put those skilled workers out of work

  3. Use the leather MEAT SIDE OUT. The pores are smaller and can be polished to a beautiful shine. Ok. Good to know. ????Advice from dahmer ?????

  4. I'm confused… shoe-leather-shoe-leather… can't they juat focus on shoe then have another episode focus on leather? It's so annoying watching documentary jumping here and there.

  5. in time memorial is not just a saying it personifies DEATH ! why do you have a fascination with such a sad end

  6. I was going to write a negative review, but changed my mind. If I could afford those shoes I would get a pair. I will admit a portion of it is perceived value. (Marketing) , but the customization in these shoes is fantastic .

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  8. Yeah wait till they see what they can do in thailand, at a fraction of that cost. just in case you guys have never seen it.

  9. So decadent and bespoke and so Budapest that there wasn't a single Hungarian word spoken in the entire video despite them being made completely there.

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