The Handmade Art of Tarot Cards

The Handmade Art of Tarot Cards

In a dusty, crowded shop in Milan, Italy, artist Osvaldo Menegazzi toils, as he has for decades, designing intricate decks of tarot cards. Every card a handmade work of art, Mengazzi draws and paints each one, starting with Death. Even the location of his shop has meaning, as the origins of tarot are thought to be Milanese with the oldest surviving cards dating to the mid-15th century. For Menegazzi, whether you believe in the power of the cards or not, they speak.

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.


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46 thoughts on “The Handmade Art of Tarot Cards

  1. Incredibly creative! Planning to start work on my own tarot deck in 2019. Just discovered your channel and now your newest supporter. Inviting you to discover our channel too friend x)

  2. When you’re Italian and you actually live two hours away from Milan 😍 I’m going to visit that shop for sure

  3. I'd me more impressed with this if part of the reason they were popular was because people think they are magic.

    Nice art, but selling crap under the guise of 'DIS MAGICS' is disgusting.

  4. This cards are dangerous. My friend were chanting from them, but it usually predict bad stuff that always happaned! She was so creeped out by this evil predictions that she wanted to stop, but the temptation was too big.
    She finnaly wanted to burn them, but not matter how many matches she used they were intact. Somone else take a matches from her and use only one match to burn them and then they started to burn very fast.

  5. Amazing LOVE IT ♥ I think the history/legend of the Tarot is fascinating, I also felt inspired to create the cards, big project, they are so many.

  6. There's really something beautiful and inspiring about watching a person so passionate about his/her craft :')

  7. all the people in Great Big Story seems to have so much passion on what they did. and proud of it. no regrets on following this channel. 🖒🖒🖒

  8. great big story.. if you wonder why your videos get less views now ( I remember it was like 500k views/vid in the past) .. its because you uploaded like 3 vid in a day and spamming my notification and it's very annoying .. I don't want to unsubscribe.. but 3 videos in a day is a very BAD idea

  9. Thanking you for this video, but oh, I would love to see more – may you create a longer documentary on what you do Osvaldo, Blessed Be x

  10. Osvaldo Menegazzi is an international treasure. A brilliant, beloved Tarot artist & historian. Whenever we go to Milan, his shop is the first place to explore. It's a mesmerizing & enchanting place! You can see more of his decks & artwork here: Thanks!

  11. That's it,, ☹️. I wanted to learn more, he seems so passionate. I wanted to know more of how he goes about design one, and what they all mean.

  12. I may not believe in fortunetelling but deep respect for the man and his craft. With today's consumerism and mass production, the occasional handcrafted item makes us more aware of how things have changed.

  13. I've been reading cards for nearly 20 years. They're amazing insight to the psyche and accessing intuition.

  14. This touches me on quite the spiritual level, as I work with tarot often. He is right, the cards do speak, my first deck showed that to me. I bought them for the art and suddenly I was learning how to read them, like a sort of inexplicable pull! I've come to find that not only are they remarkably accurate, but that they are a wonderful way to connect with and help others. Tarot readings aren't about telling the future like in the movies, it's honestly a lot like therapy. They allow you to open up and subjectively talk about your problems, and what you can do to help yourself going forward, it prepares you for the future. I love how he starts with the Death card each time, and I'd love to commission Mr. Menegazzi one day, though I admit that feels like a pipe dream, as surely they are quite expensive and I sadly don't speak my ancestry's language. He seems to have a nigh intimate connection to them that one day I hope to achieve at least.

  15. Italy is culturally divided and internally conflictual soo it's ridiculous like shooting Alaska or New York with country music 😂 that man would be a angry and mad af if he only knew

  16. Oh my god this morning I have just searched "How it made tarot cards" all over internet and right after that you guys posted this!
    Thank you so much, Great Big Story.

    P/s: When they produce a large quantity for selling, do they just handmake the first sample then use a printing machine?

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