The Birdcage

The Birdcage

In this contemporary American adaptation of the 1978 outrageous French farce LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, the story centers on the life of a middle-aged, flamboyant gay couple…Armand and Albert…in the eclectic community of South Beach, Florida, who have raised a straight son. The son announces his engagement to the daughter of a right-wing U.S. senator, and wants to bring his fiancee and her ultraconservative parent’s home to meet his family for the first time. What choice is there but to accept his decision with love? So Armand and Albert must pretend to be very straight by attempting to play out the roles of your typical heterosexual “husband” and “wife”. Of course, as they dig themselves deeper into the deception, the funnier the situations!

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28 thoughts on “The Birdcage

  1. …i i have seen this like 100 times, and all the time is better,,,,so lovely and amazing … Thank you for posting it…!!!!

  2. Everytime I get overwhelmed, depressed, or just lonely I watch this movie and I feel better. Great Medicine with no bad side effects.

  3. Greetings YouTube bungholes! Are usually tell everybody what happened and how it ends in afterwards I got to the library and rip the last five pages out of the novels but I’ll be nice tonight.

  4. while Robin Williams and Nathan Lane upstaged him…Hank Aziria deserved an award too. the bar ,EXCEPT FOR THE DANCE FLOOR, REMINDS ME OF dAYTONA'S FUN FUN zODIAC BAR TOO..

  5. I love this movie…but the TV version has a scene at 41:41 that the theatrical version left out. It introduces a bit character (the beer delivery guy) that has a little heart-to-heart with Armand. I think it's really unfortunate that that scene isn't included, because it breaks down the reason for Armand's change of heart – your love for your children is so vast that, at the expense of yourself, you'll do anything for your kids.

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful movie with the very talented actor late Robin Williams. Great quality too!!!!

  7. My favor movie of all time followed by sprung and coming to america and there is something about Mary 👍😁😁

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