The barrel master | Made in Germany – Handmade

The barrel master | Made in Germany – Handmade

Ralf Mattern builds wooden barrels. He’s one of the last of his kind in Germany but his work is more popular than ever. More and more young vintners are ordering their barrels from him. They know that high-quality wine matures better in barrels made of oak rather than steel.
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6 thoughts on “The barrel master | Made in Germany – Handmade

  1. I will be a barrel cooper,contact me and get me to the factory.i will open operations in the USA.i have everything here too .

  2. Ich bewundere die Leute ,die diese Kunst beherrschen ,mit ovalförmigen Fässern noch schwieriger, in jüngeren Jahren hätte Ich gern Ferien verbracht ,als Lehrling bei ihnen..

  3. This is very interesting, I love to see skilled craftsman at work. I wonder how much of a demand Americans would have for them?

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