The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

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Credits: Peter Song’s Restaurant: Shuichi Kotani’s Website:


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Shuichi Kotani
Peter Song

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47 thoughts on “The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

  1. Two quotes I've taken from this video
    "I think simple things have all the answers,which is why people find them beautiful"
    "If your going to do something, do it well. Otherwise don't do it at all"

  2. Honestly… I think I'm more inspired by people like this, not people who are famous or crazy successful and think they have a story to tell, but the people who are simply so passionate about what they do there is no denying they are the best. I want to be like that with my computer science someday, be so passionate about what I do that I know every detail and do it with such skill it could almost be considered art… well ive only got one year under my belt so heres to 10 more lol

  3. そばをこね そばを斬り そばで世界を繋ぐ




  4. Chinese noodle chef: I have 10 years of noodle making experience. I pull noodles by hand.
    Japanese noodle chef: I have 18 years of noodle making experience. I chop noodles with a knife.
    American with NY accent: I have 30 years of pasta making experience. I buy spaghetti from shop rite.

  5. Im sorry but I don't believe for 1 second that guy made 500 noodle bowls a day, He says he eat the noodles so he used to eat 500 bowls a day..

  6. Trying to finally be at my piece and mind over here. Thanks for putting some annoying ass ads in the video.

  7. It sounds like the first guy didn’t know that China gave noodle to the world including Italy and Japan.

  8. These folks are always cool!

    Please don't pursue your dream to be a doctor instead, be a teacher and teach me how to do your thing!

  9. Despite the differences in their cultures, methods, and type of noodle they are making, I can tell that they truly love their job. They both have so much passion for what they do!

  10. I just watched a 12 min long video about people making and talking about spaghetti. Do I regret it?: No.

  11. I was super impressed with the skill and artistry of the Chinese Master,
    and not to knock down his skill or anything, but the Japanese Master thereafter really raised the skill level, unbelievably. Soba making looks so much more complex and intricate.

  12. What a lovely video. I want to cook pizza for my future children, for my wife for my family, all we need are simple things.

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