Tactical Self-Defense Pen How to Make

Tactical Self-Defense Pen How to Make

Hello everyone, today I will show you the process of creating tactical self-defense pen. The pen was custom made for the person who collects the weapons, and he wanted it to look like a bullet but also completely functioned. Enjoy watching

List of materials, what you will need to create this project and many other information you can find on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/drawings-for-pen-23448185

This thing in my ETSY online store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/602396379/brass-pen?ref=listings_manager_grid

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41 thoughts on “Tactical Self-Defense Pen How to Make

  1. I bought both my daughters quite expensive tactical pens and they seem a little different in design having dna catchers and glass breakers on one end, the writing end is much much sharper so when the nib is retracted it becomes a quite sharp stabby thing and with my youngest it was actually put to use when a bloke late one night thought of giving her a bit of a grab near some bushes and he got one heck of a surprise and an even nastier surprise when he was arrested several days later with his dna matching the stuff embedded in the pen end.

  2. If you look closely, the pen is made of metal, and the front is especially pointy for stabbing and bashing someone. The downside of this is that u need to buy the machine to make the actuall pen

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