Stanley & Iris

Stanley & Iris

Stanley (Robert De Niro), an odd-job worker, has grown up unable to read. Iris (Jane Fonda), a working-class mother and widow, is trapped in a job squirting goo on cookies in a bakery, while supporting a pregnant teenager, an abused sister and a grieving son. Then she meets Stanley, who supports his aging father. Iris lets it slip that Stanley is illiterate, and he is fired. Unable to support his father, the old man is put in a home where he fades rapidly. Realizing that if he had only been able to read he could have continued to support his father, Stanley asks Iris to teach him to read. It’s a tough road for both of them: Stanley has real learning problems, and Iris does not exactly have a load of extra time on her hands. But they will make it…a small but triumphant victory in a gray world.

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42 thoughts on “Stanley & Iris

  1. @sid sid. My husband served during Vietnam conflict. Non of those soldiers wanted to be there. This bitch went to Hanoi and degraded our country. Only the politicians wanted that war. But she wanted to make a statement at our soldiers expense.

  2. He is about 47 and she is a beautiful 53 in this movie wow, we won't see talent
    like them for a long time even the situations like factory jobs all gone thanks
    to Amacon & Shillicon Valley. 5 ⭐movie

  3. remember when her daughter was perming her hair? well after that her hair looked the same as before.. then all the sudden her hair was permed and he said he didnt like it… did the editors not see how badly they did? didnt they notice that they showed her getting her hair permed then her hair was still the same for quite some time then all the sudden it is permed… what the heck? oh at the beginning she stated her husband was handsome.. then we finally see a picture of him… I THOUGHT SHE SAID HE WAS HANDSOME what a goof ball

  4. what is also sad is that girl who plays her daughter always plays that same role over and over again.. all the movies I have ever seen her in she plays the pregnant daughter who doesnt like her life

  5. are you guys trying to tell us that he isnt capable of MATCHING the letters up to find his way around with that simple map she made him? that is just plain stupid.. a child who cant read could figure that out

  6. so ridiculous he can remember THE LATIN NAMES OF ALL THE TREES but not how the " a" sounds or the word dish.. really freakin stupid.. cheating

  7. here is more cheating.. a man who can remember and understand everything he has ever been told or talk about, wasn't capable of teaching himself how to read???? Just think about it !!!! stop signs, exit signs .. men and women bathroom signs… all the signs in the world that we see… how many times has he seen them and known what they say? that alone would make this story impossible ….. we as people do not realize what the movie industry has done to us…. it is not about entertaining us… it is about deceiving us … and to push all our minds in the way they should go….. the industry is owned and operated by THE ENEMY OF MAN…. … this is just one good example of how we have been lead to believe that our children can not learn how to read or write unless we give our children to some school… which means that every parent out there that bought into this deception and gave their child to " this system" has actually given them to the enemy for the enemy to raise them up in the way they should go…… If you can think back to the things that we learned while in school most if not all of the history we learned was actually a lie…. we were taught what this enemy wanted us to know.. so we would think about other countries and other people a certain way… the same thing is going on in all other countries

    talk about being brainwashed…. we are brainwashed all of us!!! first it starts in the hospitals where we were born… the enemy starts this process at birth… think about it.. what happens.. the mother pushes out the baby, the baby is then taken away for a few minutes.. then given back for a few. then taken away for a few hours… during this time the mother and father have very little say in what goes on with their baby.. just the act of not allowing the mom and dad to have their baby for these hours ingrains in the child that mom and dad are not the authority in their lives

    then comes the first bath… this bath is traumatic for the baby… they are in a cold room and someone is giving them a sponge bath… 99% of all newborns cry hysterically during this.. why does the hospital insist that a baby that has only been out of the womb for 24 hours must have a bath? becuz the enemy knows that this seemingly innocent appearing thing does something terribly traumatic to the baby…
    I could go on and on about all the different ways we have been deceived … but my original point is it is impossible for a man who can remember all those trees detail and also remember their LATIN names !!!! to not have taught himself how to read this is CHEATING…. and this cheat was very successful almost the entire world thinks that if you don't go to school you won't be able to read and write or do math
    anyone can learn how to read and write without having someone to teach them I have been able to read sense I was three years old, at least I was able to prove that i could at that age.. and no one taught me… when i was 4 I began teaching myself how to write by opening any book and writing the letters that I saw just like the way it was written on a piece of paper … when I got to kindergarten the very first day we were given a test.. this test, she said, would not really matter, she just wanted to see what we were capable of….. she said a word and we were to write the word down .. if we could.. if we could not it was okay but we were to do our best…. every time she said a word I wrote it down very quickly.. then I would wait for her to say another…. apparently she would wait until she saw everyone was finished before she spoke the new word….. we were probably getting to the middle of this test when I was getting tired of waiting for the new word to be spoken and made the stupid mistake of thinking it was okay to look around the room at others… she yelled out my name and accused me of cheating. Scrolled and completely embarrassed she then left the room for a second and came back carrying this wooden box type thing !!! Then she place it on my desk… it only had three sides.. the side that was in front of my face was much lower than the other two.. One to my left and to my right. She told me this is what we do to those who cheat. This was my first day of school. and from then on no one wanted to be my friend… recess was the hardest part of school so much worry and anxiety.. loneliness and shame
    I can honestly say that school is what kept me from becoming a heart surgeon or a veterinarian … I loved to learn and was good at it, but the way they operate and insist on brainwashing with their agenda it makes the truly gifted close down …
    it isnt the teachers , they are just as brainwashed and deceived as the kids.. all this comes from the one 1% that rule the world but we have to wake up.. and STOP sending our children away to be raised by strangers and keep them home where they are safe and loved.. and teach them in the way they should go.. of course only those who are wise and understand what I am speaking about can even have the courage and understanding to do this
    then of course stay away from all the churches out there as well… you want to seek God and know Him .. then go to HIM… He is His Word His Word is HIM…. Stay in His Word , the KING JAMES Version only !!! there you will learn all you need to know… start in the new testament .. If you do this.. you will discover that EVERY CHURCH is a lie… they teach a false Gospel and offer a counterfeit salvation… just like all counterfeits it is cheap and falls apart fast…. every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie… they take cherry picked scripture then tell everyone what it means… anyone can take a book and skip around in it take a few sentences read them to everyone over and over and over again and convince everyone that the meanings applies to you.. if you just do this or that…. say this and you get all this.. i can prove it.. then they read another cherry picked one to support their words… I can rewrite any story doing that
    they will say..God works in mysterious ways… or Gods word is too hard for people to understand so I went to seminary to study it so I can tell you all that it means… Gods way is far above ours who can understand what He is saying.. allow me to tell you… LIKE GOD ISNT CAPABLE OF WRITING A BOOK AND ABLE TO GET IT PUBLISHED… AND THEY ARE CLAIMING THAT GOD DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO HIS OWN CHILDREN? are you serious? God says that we are to never ever interpret His word.. to not lean on our own understanding…
    the CHRISTIAN church along with all other religions DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that God says not to do .. and GOD ALSO SAYS that THOSE WHO DO DO THOSE THINGS DO N O T BELONG TO HIM… so then if the christian church is not God's house then whos house is it? the enemies

  8. at 51:20 Fonda is drinking a cup of coffee and then sits it down… there is nothing in that cup.. they do this all the time in movies .. they pretend to drink something out of an empty glass or cup…. why is it so difficult for them to put liquid in the cup?

  9. so he went to a new school every month… that is impossible… just think of the paperwork.. enrolling your kid every month and taking him out … if a child were actually being transferred from school to school every 30 days that would be a nightmare… really if a child were actually traveling with their dad this was he would never enroll his child in a school… this is what i call cheating… when movie writers write something into the story that would or could NEVER happen .. I have yet to see a movie that doesn't cheat!!!…..

  10. this is such bullshit.. he cant read or write… this is why people think that if you dont go to school you will become like this… bunch of crap.. anyone can learn how to read and write on their own with no help at all

  11. none of them have their hair in the net! she gets mad at her boss so she spits in the food that others will be eating? that is messed up…

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  13. Let's have more free movies u tube. For weeks now you have been screwing us more than you use to. You make loads of money and google…one in the same. Do what hollywood preaches which is take care of those in the poverty scale…please. You are worth billions millions thousands that most of us will never see in a lifetime. Help us out please. Thank you

  14. This is the kind of movie I like Robert DeNiro in. I don’t like mafia/gangster movies. This was a gentle sweet movie. Thank you.

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