Skull 18kt gold ring handmade

Skull 18kt gold ring handmade

Skull 18kt gold ring made handmade whit diamond in only one copy

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41 thoughts on “Skull 18kt gold ring handmade

  1. Wow this is gr8! I would love 2 see a 18k gold skull ring like I have…yeah right , like I could afford it but sir if u were the one to make it…wow! Love seeing work and mastery of ur profession.

  2. Hey Scaffoal 😎, me again, question, do you use a magnifying glass do this work? Cause WOW this amazing to watch you do this make this ring. Did you come with a plan(draw it out, first for this?)
    Keep this up with the videos I really enjoy it.
    Hit me back

  3. WOW Scaffoal😎, that's really make that look so easy, I know it's no, DAMN!! K eep up the good work. you put in some time on this ring. Hit me back

  4. Hi Alberto, it's amazing to see how You make so beautiful art with Your hands. At first it looks pretty 'brutal' how You hammer and file the stuff but the results are outstanding… also the skull with the snake. When I had ordered this piece of art, I had added two little smaragds as snake eyes, it hadn't changed the price so much but the snake would be a little more 'snakish'! 😉
    I really love Your work and Your way to express Yourself!!! All the best for Your life!

  5. Amazing!!! The only thing I would have changed is the diamond with a ruby for the eye.. But over all is beautiful.

  6. I hope you still answer old videos … what is in the bowl you used for shaping the skull? jewellers resin and sand?I want to get some and try my hand at the way you shaped the skull

  7. Hello im intereded int he ring the you otjer video tje eye the dragon i sendyou 1 email im wanna in 14k o 1k can sendme the price and especifications the grams and type the gemstone o diamonds same to the your video

  8. it's truly astounding to watch this level of " no shortcuts " jewelry making. the music choices and timings in this video are also excellent. bravo this is great work.

  9. É tão lindo deve ser uma fortuna uma anel tão perfeito como esse….Ainda mais todo feito manualmente…
    Tá de parabéns amigo seu trabalho é perfeito 😍

  10. Come al solito : mani d'oro, occhi di merda. Ma caro, perche non andate nei musei, a guardare cos'è un oggetto veramente bello ?
    Lei può fare tutto, ma sceglie sempre dei disegni così orribili !

  11. That thing would have been so clean without the horns that aren’t shaped right or in the right place on the skull, and ditch the snake too! But I like your construction method.

  12. I love watching this artist at work! I have to do so with the sound off however because the music is terrible!

  13. Cara parabéns mesmo eu não conhecia na verdade eu nunca me perguntei como que eram feitos os anéis mais vi que o trabalho de vcs é show muito talento e um dom mesmo parabéns pela perfeição!!!

  14. Vc tem um trabalho muito lindo , em matéria de criação vc é um grande artista , fico fascinado vendo seus vídeos Inscrito fiel , like 10

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