Simple Rose earrings for beginners – Handmade jewelry 49

Simple Rose earrings for beginners – Handmade jewelry 49

Tutorial simple Rose earrings for beginners – Handmade jewelry

Welcome to the online classes at home with the theme DIY wire jewelry – handmade copper jewelry – also hope to inspire more people.
With simple steps and simple tools Anyone can make their own accessories

From the basic guide, it is possible to change according to your preference to produce your own style.

Earrings, Ear cuff:
Necklaces, hairpin:
Flower, leaf and natural :
Animal :

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Lan Anh Handmade

38 thoughts on “Simple Rose earrings for beginners – Handmade jewelry 49

  1. This may have been asked already but what are the tools called that you use? Specifically, the ones for rounding the wire to avoid scraping the skin. Thank you in advance!

  2. I loved these Lan, they look great on, and I had success making them, keep the videos coming. You are very clever.

  3. Wow ! How happy am I that I randomly found your channel !! I literally just followed some links that brought me here, and I couldn’t be happier that I am. Your art is breathtakingly beautiful and you make it seem so effortless. I’m definitely going to give it a whirl myself and hope I can make something that won’t look completely dreadful ! Thank you for sharing your work, oh, and your translations are fine btw. You now have a new fan and subscriber in New Zealand 😍😍😍

  4. So BEAUTIFUL ROSE's EARRINGS!!! Thanks so much for sharing such a great design and creation, dear Lan! You're sooo talented!!! Keep up your wonderful work! Greetings from Minnesota,

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