Plini – Handmade Cities (Full Album)

Plini – Handmade Cities (Full Album)

Electric Sunrise 0:00:00
Handmade Cities 0:05:10
Inhale 0:09:55
Every Piece Matter 0:14:54
Pastures 0:18:34
Here We Are Again 0:26:08
Cascade 0:28:46

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39 thoughts on “Plini – Handmade Cities (Full Album)

  1. I sense a bit of Shawn Lane in this, especially in Handmade Cities… very sweet playing… awesome!!! So many cool influences but it sounds like their own personalities on their instruments.

  2. I've been trying to discover a metal band that sounds somewhat like Triptonus or Tool, in the way they use exotic musical resourses like drums and chants and in the way their music has the power to transport you to another dimension. Also, I like the Devin Townsend's project touch of ambient metal. If anybody does know a band like this, please tell. I also want to add the concepts of spirituality and meditation.

  3. I'm new to djent/prog but can't believe I've lived this long without it. Can anyone recommend some similar stuff? Thanks!

  4. Normally, I listen to classical and Jazz all the time, and this music is as interesting, complex, thrilling, emotional as music can get. Big respect and thanks to Plini and his band for this wonderful music!

  5. Totaly awsome what a guitar riff, new artis , great musicians this music make me dope without drugs mesmerize our ears cool music

  6. Спасибо за то, что вернул мне веру в современную гитарную инструментальную музыку.

  7. i learned this whole thing on guitar… took some time, hahaha, this guy is epic. i really wanna be a drummer tho in a band like jojo mayer nerve… but different a bit on the sound of the music… a bit of a hip hop edge…. by that i mean sick beats. i play every instrument. love this guy

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