Pennsylvania Thunder Handmade Wood Turkey Calls

Pennsylvania Thunder Handmade Wood Turkey Calls

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Enticer Turkey Calls are the finest handmade turkey calls available to turkey hunters and turkey call collectors. Since Enticer began in 1972, each call is hand-made and hand-tuned by Al Holbert.

Each Enticer turkey call – whether a glass friction call, slate friction call, scratchbox, or mouth diaphragm turkey call – is guaranteed to have superior resonance and pitch. The quality of the wood used, combined with the expertise of one single craftsman, will make this your most productive and most valuable turkey call.

Our custom, handmade, personalized turkey calls will stand anything you throw at them. They will not let you down. Whether your looking to collect or land that next big gobbler, you can trust the value of our turkey calls.

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Enticer Turkey Calls

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