Nesting oval plates! Hand built from slabs

Nesting oval plates! Hand built from slabs

Pottery studio tutorial! Come learn how to make a set of nesting oval plates great for all skill levels. So fun and easy to make!

Clarification: slabs should be 3/8 to 1/4 inch not 5/8 as I said in the video.

Materials and Tools used:
1/4″-3/8″ Slab of clay
I use Laguna 16 porcelain but any clay will work fine

Slab roller or Rolling pin and thickness strips

Oval templates (I found mine at hobby lobby in the woodcraft section)

Dolan 220s clay knife but any clay knife will work

Mud tool rib- Yellow med sized

Dense foam(upholstery foam or sofa cushion)

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32 thoughts on “Nesting oval plates! Hand built from slabs

  1. I tried two of these today. It worked fine but they are not holding their shape. My clay was too fresh I guess. How long do you let the slab sit before you plunge the smaller one in? (I'm a newbie so please forgive me.)

  2. Hello I would love to know where you get your clay from or the brand name of your clay so I can follow along with you thanks nice video

  3. Hola Jessica, me gusta mucho tu forma de trabajo… mi pregunta es como hacer para que la pasta te quede del mismo grosor, uso las maderitas con el palo de amasar pero noto que la pasta no queda igual , no tengo los rolos que veo usas tu,ademas dejas que la masa se endurezca un poco??? mi correo es

  4. Oh bless you! I never thought of using those wooden forms-like used for decopage. Wonderful idea. I've been going crazy trying to figure out how to make the center press form. YAY!

  5. Hi Jessica, this is all really new for me, do you put this in the oven? or after this is ready? Love it btw!!

  6. I will definitely be making these. I am curious to know what the power equipment I often hear in the background on your videos is. Just curious.

  7. very cute. I know you use a thin layer of plastic and cat litter bags for keeping the button flat but maybe you could make a quick video on how to handle the buttons once they have dried up a bit. I never make plates because of the risk of uneven buttons

  8. That's great!! I have some of those in my tool bin. I have been trying to make 3inch uniform plates for my cats. Can't wait to try this method.

  9. I'm making a wedging table for my studio and was going to use canvas for the table but wanted to know do you have to replace it after a while? I know that it is going to hold all the clay dust as well so how do you clean it? I see that most studios have them and the slab roller your using uses canvas so I didn't know if it needed replacing or if it is fine just being there forever, thanks!

  10. instead of a smooth solid curve what about raising the bottom plate ( template ) up ( off the bench) about 2" with a profiled template, placing the clay on top and letting it…. fall or sag into the shape of the template? make sense? sounds good in my head.

  11. I did some binge watching of your channel, Great stuff! now I need to o find some clay. Thanks for posting keep up the good work!

  12. I'm new to making crockery, I usually stick to sculpture. I just stumbled across your channel a few days ago, I'm hooked! Love how explain everything and I'm definitely going to make plates now! My good friend has a studio and teaches, I'm going to drive her nuts with plates!

  13. Your glaze combo's on your completed pieces are great. Do you make your own glazes? I made some of the rectangular trays this past week and absolutely love that form! BTW…don't worry about the snow. Your sounding like my mom thinking this will be big, but aren't the forecasters usually wrong these days? 😛

  14. I'm preparing a Studio in my home in the garage and having my first class in several months. This is going to be one of our first projects to do. I love all of your suggestions. I've actually run all over town to Hobby Lobby Michaels and to my local Pottery Warehouse looking for things you had suggested. I accidentally found the book you had recommended " Mastering cone 6 glazes". No where in the country, not even the two largest used bookstores in America had this book in the color version. I did find it on Amazon, use, from $215.00 to $2000!!! I found and purchased it for $39.95 at the local Pottery Warehouse on their used book wall! I felt a little guilty as if I had stolen something LOL I love all of your videos!

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