Making hand-made hay bales with a box baler

Making hand-made hay bales with a box baler

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22 thoughts on “Making hand-made hay bales with a box baler

  1. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I'm going to make my own hay this year as I'm very tired of paying for it and I can cut my grass with a scythe already just didn't know what to do without a machine to bale it . AMAZING

  2. This is a fantastic build option- great for a youngster to try too! This, plus a scythe, means you can do a LOT at an enjoyable pace. Thank you for sharing!! Did you also make the Hay Rake?

  3. Your knots are a mess !..learn how to tie a English butcher's Knot on the Scott Rea butcher's channel.much quicker and cinch up tight.

  4. Pretty cool. Kind of slow though. I think I will stick with making a pyramid of loose hay and covering it with a tarp.

  5. Paul LS Is this an original idea that you came up with to make bales or was this done before machines starting baling hay.?

  6. This seems like an awful lot of wasted time….why not just do hand rolls and tie it up like the medieval times?

  7. Very nice. One suggestion for operation. You should compress the material more often as you're loading it. It'll save your back more and get a better, uniform bale. Just like a mechanized baler.

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