Making a Premium Hand Made Cigar

Making a Premium Hand Made Cigar

This video will explore the making of a handmade, premium cigar. After the tobacco has been grown, picked, cured, fermented, and aged, it is ready to be assembled into cigars. This video shows how the wrapper, binder and filler leaves are prepared and then put together into cigars. Different techniques for bunching and rolling the cigars are also shown.

This video is a remastered version of an earlier upload. Much higher quality, some different media and higher resolution stills.

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Doc Diaz

46 thoughts on “Making a Premium Hand Made Cigar

  1. The way I think of it is if someone with them in the years worth of experience would roll me a cigar and that cigar would be lets say 25 American dollars I would pay that person $100 for that cigar plus a $50 tip simply because it is a very particular type of skill that not many people in the world have and you really truly have to take the time to appreciate it.

  2. I send my greatest respect to the men and women that roll cigars thank you so much for your hard work and dedication so that I can enjoy life on rare occasions.

  3. You mean they are NOT rolled on the bare thighs of a young lady , man thats ruined my next cigar .

  4. Doc, that’s a great Panama you’re wearing in this video. Was that a local purchase? Who made and shaped it? Cheers!

  5. Cuban cigars of now day suck and overhyped, best cigars are from elesewhere…i can roll a cigar better than them bitches in havana…the real talent left 60 years ago

  6. You can absorb nicotine through your skin. i'm wondering why they don't have to have gloves on when feeding the wrapper into the machines remove the stem.

  7. I did not love the cheesy, cliche, and wholly unnecessary Latin music in the background, lol. That said, however, it's a great video simply because of the wonderful information it conveys — great insider look at how these talented torcedores do their work! Very informative and educational — thank you.

  8. I'm always amazed to see that these guys have all their fingers, I have lots of respect for these guys. Thanks for making my cigars.

  9. The wrapper means nothing what a joke. Whoever did this video doesn't know shit and the rolling they did is half ass . terrible video

  10. I was smoking a VegaFina robusto. also made in the Dominican republic. it was an awesome smoke 😀

  11. Wow…either with hands or machine, they must have a big salaries….Cool…I just ordered a box of cigar, I never tasted in my whole life, because it quite expensive. Nice vids…

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