Making A Custom Handmade Knife Kit Handle

Making A Custom Handmade Knife Kit Handle

In this video I walk you through making a custom handmade knife kit handle for a pre-made knife blank from Rockler woodworking.

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John Malecki

22 thoughts on “Making A Custom Handmade Knife Kit Handle

  1. Great!! awesome like always.
    ¿What wood did you use?. I couldn´t listen well when you name it. Regards!

  2. The pins are supposed to be rivets. If you get all of your shaping and rough sanding done, before reinstalling the pins, countersink the pin holes just just about 1/8 below the surface, using a bit or countersink that's just barely larger than the pin. Then install the pins with ca glue and cut them flush with the surface. Then, laying the knife on a steel surface, use a small ball-peen hammer to pound one side of each pin til it flares out and drops below the surface. Then flip over the knife, and using a small steel ball on the underside of each pin, peen the upper-side of each pin til it is below the surface and snug in the countersink. The steel ball is important, as you need the bottom of the pins to be resting on a hard surface. I like also the way it con-caves the tops of the rivets.

  3. what an awesome job you did and nice choice of wood.
    I attempted to make my own knife a couple of years ago with a homemade forge. the blade came out ok, although a lot smaller than I first wanted, but I totally botched the handle.

  4. If you want to build it yourself just google for woodprix. I know you will find good solutions for all your ideas.

  5. Just bought this kit as I'm thinking about picking up a little knife making. I see I have all the tools you have so hopefully it comes out as nice as yours does. Thanks lots for the video. 🙂

  6. You know what? I really like your channel man, it took me a long time to find it but the good thing is is that I follow you on IG. Thank you for explaining this, I see a lot of videos for knife scales but no one explains it, they just do it and expect a noob like me to do it.

  7. I had done this a few days ago , I would say mines a bit more ghetto let's just say I have a nice comfortable sturdy grip of electrical tape haha 😂 .. love The video though very cool and informational , possibly next time I'll do it a little more like this !

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