Make your own Handmade mug with a pulled handle!

Make your own Handmade mug with a pulled handle!

Make your own simple slab built mug with a pulled handle with this fun tutorial! Also I show how you can make a perfectly circular bottom on a hand built mug!
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Clay slab 5/16″ (I am using Laguna Bmix 5 with out grog)
Template 4″x 12″
4″ dia. Cookie cutter
Flower cookie cutter
Dolan 220s clay knife
Embossed roller, folk pattern from Algis craft, available through their Etsy shop
Wooden pottery knife
Rubber tipped tool/ color shaper
Soft bristle paint brush size 4
Serrated metal rib
Yellow and red rib from Mud Tools
Pottery sponge
Shimpo banding wheel

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Jessica Putnam-Phillips

44 thoughts on “Make your own Handmade mug with a pulled handle!

  1. There are all these girls on youtube cosplaying in skimpy outfits that make us cringe…but 15 seconds of Ms. Phillips working that clay and I'm in love haha

  2. Nicely done, little critique I usually hide my seam under the handles. It gives it a more polished look in my opinion.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your tips here Jessica, & just subscribed 👍 I'm thinking of taking up pottery, & will be checking out your other videos…

  4. You have a wonderful instructive style and this was very informative. Would you need to kiln-fire this kind of mug or is there a different way you would finish and glaze it? Thanks!

  5. Best demo of a handmade mug I've seen so far, and you didn't omit any details! Also fun to watch. Takes the seriousness out of the process. Love it!

  6. Does your mug have to be kilned fired, and do you glaze it or use colored clay. Do you seal it with a varnish that is food safe if not firing it in a kiln?

  7. What size flower cookie cutter are you using? Really like the decoration it adds to the handle.

  8. Absolutely inspiring…thankyou so much…I truly needed to see this video…so I'm curious do you put your projects in the oven to dry then paint them? I'm going to check out your website(: thx

  9. Jessica a question… why wouldn't you roll along the length of the clay for a uninterrupted pattern ? That pattern didn't look too directional ? Or was it ?

  10. Lovely video, thanks for sharing! So what's the next step to finish this mug? you have to cure the piece in an oven? what about finish coat? Keep up the good work!

  11. Jessica what are some nice techniques for imbedding a place to add a secure wire onto the back of plates? (Removable wire from permanent mount).


  12. Thanks Jessica for the slab mug tutorial! I will try to make my own version soon. I found a cool textured rolling pin at a thrift store that I plan to use. The pulled handles are so cool. I had no idea how to do that. Cheers from Canada.

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