MADE HERE: Handmade Knives With Chelsea Miller | Popular Mechanics

In this episode of the Popular Mechanics series “MADE HERE,” Chelsea Miller takes us inside her workshop as she forges a custom cooking knife.

The daughter of a carpenter, Chelsea Miller was already a woodworking and blacksmith apprentice by the time she graduated high school. When she returned to her Vermont home as an adult, Miller wandered into her father’s old workshop and an idea was sparked. Soon after, Miller began crafting knives in a Brooklyn, New York studio

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19 thoughts on “MADE HERE: Handmade Knives With Chelsea Miller | Popular Mechanics”

  1. A dilettante passing her work off as pro, and then charging pro prices. Typical delusions of the "me" generation that that thinks it doesn't take real hard work and knowledge to become proficient at their craft.

  2. Soooo she buys a horse shoe file and grinds it down to a knife, most likely completely ruining the heat treatment, and sells them for $800.00. Upon further research, I see reviews of her knives and based on those it seems these knives are more "art" pieces sold to those hoping to be in the trendy New England crowd and not actually supposed to be used.

  3. Pretty ugly as a piece of "art" and definitely amateur-quality as a knife. There are some really great American knifemakers out there doing work that's WAAAAAY above this. And in my opinion just better people who are more deserving of success.

  4. Check out grace Horne and Haley Desrosiers who are two lady makers who make beautiful artistic knives and actually respect the craft and their fellow Craftsmen!

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