Labelling handmade Soap

Labelling handmade Soap

Hello I just want to share some of the soaps I’m getting ready for the craft fair. These are all natural cold and hot process soap made with essential oils. Etsy site coming soon. Would love to hear from everyone especially soap crafters So please Comment,Friend,Subscribe. Happy day.

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24 thoughts on “Labelling handmade Soap

  1. Thanks for sharing. I notice a LOT of shared ideas amount the soaping community, and it’s really amazing!

  2. Packing everything if its too simple the soap looks too cheap many use plastic wrap with the bands. I like you used plastic for the children's soap like the soap dishes best of luck thanks for sharing….

  3. This video is click bait and that's why no commercials play on it and that's why it's not monetized

  4. You did not explain how you labeled your soaps, so you have to change the title of the video. By the way beautiful soaps

  5. nice soaps but your handling them, they are not wrapped.  I would never consider every buying from you for that reason………….

  6. don't forget you need liability insurance and a safety assessment and other stuff to sell your soap, as I just found out….. I need more help if anyone knows what else we need to start selling soaps please add a comment.

  7. I"m sorry to insist, but you mention that a video, in how to make your label will be done by you. can you please show us how? please. many of us will be very grateful.

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