Kent Hand Made Combs – The Best Combs!

Kent Hand Made Combs – The Best Combs!

Kent Hand Made Saw Cut Combs are easy on your hair and a joy to use. Try a Kent and you will never resort to a cheap dime store comb again. Hand made in England.

Models reviewed:
82T Folding Comb:
188 mm Extra Large Coarse and Fine Toothed Comb Sawcut 16T:
Kent Hand-Made 143mm All Fine Pocket Comb -7T:
Kent Hand-Made 113mm:

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20 thoughts on “Kent Hand Made Combs – The Best Combs!

  1. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a few of these combs. One for the pocket and one for the home. I suggest getting all fine teeth. No excuse to walk around looking like Bernie Sanders…. These are extremely well made and you will enjoy the years of looking good these combs will provide.

  2. I love Kent combs! I bought my first one on this past New Year's Day and now almost 3 months later, I am the proud owner of 3 Kent combs! I can't leave the house because I love combing my hair so much that I do it all day! I usually use a comb in each hand and tag-team my hair with both hands combing. I do this for hours and hours. Seriously, I can't leave the house. The combs are too nice. I haven't been outside my house since 2018. Someone please send help. SOS.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I wore my hair high and tight for more than 10 years, and when I started to grow it back, I could not find an Ace hard rubber comb. I'm very happy to see somebody still makes a quality saw cut comb

  4. they are awesome for sure…the only thing i don't like is that some of them are not properly polished and still have rough edges…so if you can (discreetly lol) try them first at the store b4 buying…there are inconsistencies at times

  5. Ok Guys; DO NOT EVER BUY A KENT COMB!!! I did, it was the MC1 for my shirt pocket.
    I quickly bought two more, the 7T and the R18T. These combs reeks of superior quality & craftsmanship. They are like no other comb I have ever used. Now, I will use no other comb but a KENT. If I ever lose one, I will likely cry.

  6. I know it's a beard comb or otherwise for men's hair, but, it works great for ladies with bangs/fringe! Just sayin' 🙂

  7. I finally stopped using those cheap black plastic combs today, and I've been using them for at least 20 years or more. I ordered a Kent R7T and it arrived today and all I can say is WOW. It's an extremely high-end premium comb! It's butter-smooth through my hair and it's also butter-smooth on my scalp, and it leaves my whole head feeling better than when I started. I am finding that I just want to comb my hair all day now because it's a total pleasure to use this comb. I tend to get goosebumps because it feels so good.

    I could also feel and see the superior quality of this comb immediately. It feels heavier, it feels sturdier, it feels stronger, and it has a beautiful appearance as well.

    I love this comb so much that I just want to give one to everyone I know as a gift. I don't want to keep this pleasure to myself.

  8. I carry the 87T folding mustache and beard combination. I'm bald but have a nice beard though. I always thought all combs were the same but after getting a Kent comb, I do feel the quality.

  9. i use the 6t for my beard! feel great and does not damage my beard hairs the best part is that ive had it for so long and no damage to the comb whatsoever!

  10. I've been disappointed for years that ace stopped using hard rubber and they make junk now like everybody else. I found Hercules on Amazon but they don't make pocket size. Why not? Didn't know about Kent, but I finally found it on amazon and tried the OT. Everyone was giving great reviews of it and now I'm very happy with it. I sent away for 4 more I plan to give to some relatives and for spare. I see a similar more curved one is also hand made in India. Sells for maybe a dollar less. I think the Kents look classier. I should get a large one for my mom in the bathroom. Wonder how this compares to the ones from India.

  11. Ever heard of customer service?!?! THIS IS THE WORST RESPONSE TIME I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Don't they make Indians for this sort of thing???

  12. I like these Kent combs but only wish they would make a pocket model with teeth that are 3/8" taller than their current models and with all fine teeth.

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