ILoveFashion Passport Covers : Personalised & Handmade.

ILoveFashion Passport Covers : Personalised & Handmade.

This video talks about Passport cover customized at ILoveFashion.
It has Tips to customization
Options on Name styles used for Customization
Product features
Different color combinations users may consider for Duo passport cover set, among 49 colors available for “ILoveFashion Personalised Passport cover” : Handmade with Love.
You’ve probably packed matching clothes for pictures, why not match your passport covers too? Buy these made-to-order Duo Passport Covers for your next trip #couplegoals #bffgoals
Login to website or simply access Duo passport covers from link as shared below👇🏻👇🏻
o Read Product features and description very carefully

o Finalize a color

o Finalize Name type

o Form fill up

o Add to cart (so that you customize the other product)

o Check out once done.

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