If I Were You

If I Were You

Two women who meet by chance make a pact to fix their unhappy lives: they will each do what the other one says. But one of them has a secret. She knows her husband is sleeping with the younger woman. Madelyn’s plan backfires when Lucy, an aspiring actress, orders her to play King Lear in a very amateur production, with Lucy playing the Fool. Madelyn’s life is transformed in unexpected ways as, like Lear, she struggles with matters of mortality and betrayal, loyalty and love.

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30 thoughts on “If I Were You

  1. Great acting, likable, realistic characters, entertaining – but completely relate-able – story. Thank you, Tube of You! Marcia Gay Harden was fantastic!

  2. Just incase some of you dont know, when you die your in a sleep, till Jesus comes back to claim his people, thats what it says in the bible. Cheating is not a good thing, marriage is for better or worse, if you can not stay with that person forever, dont get married. God is real, Jesus is his son in Gods own imagine. If you want to go to heaven when you die, Except Jesus into your heart, ask God to forgive you of your sins. Get baptized, and you read your bible, attend a church that preaches the bible only, your life will be forever changed, and the best life ever. Follow Jesus. See you all in heaven some day, Life after death is eternal.

  3. A gem of a movie. Marcia Gay Harden commands the screen and I loved it!
    Both actresses had my heart as their friendship grew.
    Loved the twists in the plot.

  4. Marcia Gaye Hardin has to be the best! I loved her in Thomas Kincade's Christmas Cottage.
    I love this movie. Outrageously hilarious! Tragic, complex.

  5. OK guys can watch this with the sig other but handle w care if you wanna get to the "chill". Ohh… It's a good film and upload all aound, stop thinking about it and watch

  6. I rarely make a comment other than negative however this was really a good one. Clear picture, sound is good, free, and in ENGLISH!!! All good and the actual movie was great. Glad google could follow me all these years and they finally get a movie I enjoyed. The actor towards the end…the handsome one…wow super hot! THANK YOU poppy corn flix!

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