How To Price Your Handmade Products – The Pricing Formula

How To Price Your Handmade Products – The Pricing Formula

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17 thoughts on “How To Price Your Handmade Products – The Pricing Formula

  1. This is so helpful! Thank you for making this video. I was searching for the answers of questions in my mind. And here I got all me question answered!

  2. I am going to sell hand-sewn cloaks. It takes hours. I need help deciding on my hourly rate. Suggestions?

  3. can i include the utility cost in pricing the product? example machines that is used to create the product?

  4. I have been full time for 40 years and check out my pricing.

  5. Some of the financial terms are mixed up in the video… profit is not what you invest back into the business, profit is what you have left after taking all the cost and taxes from the revenue (including material cost, labor and overhead cost). You can even take the profits and pay it out to yourself or invest it back to the business. Income is what you pay yourself even in a form of a salary or as dividends from the profits.

  6. Watched tons of videos…but this is what I'm looking for… Great. Exact and perfectly explained. Your voice is so nice You speaks so sweet.

  7. This is great, thank you. I am just getting started with wanting to start a handmade business. Still lots of work to do, but that’s ok. So thank you again for this. I did also subscribe to your channel.

  8. Very happy with the insistence of information. When I did the full formula I almost died at the price. Thinking no one would ever want to buy it but it does take a lot of time to design my product and I believe my wage is fair. On to your "am i pricing too high" video Thank You!!

  9. Thanks for the advice I am a special needs person and I don't have a job yet I started my Business on Facebook so I would have something to do during the day name of my business is Emmy's homemade blankets and scarves mainly what my products are homemade crocheted blankets scarves and doilies I also armlet my scarves but the only problem I have is I have not had any customers sense my first sell and I cant understand why I am kind of not sure what to do

  10. What if it takes you about a week to make your product like a blanket or something but it takes you eight rolls of yarn and it's like three bucks apiece so how much would you prices it

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