How  to make your very own adorable Handmade Sprays – jennings644

How to make your very own adorable Handmade Sprays – jennings644

Why buy what you can make and you get far more enjoyment out seeing them on a project! This way you get what YOU want and you can add as much or as little as you want to them 🙂 xx

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33 thoughts on “How to make your very own adorable Handmade Sprays – jennings644

  1. Hi Fiona another spray to try thank you. Can you tell me where to get the leaves from please? Hugs xxxx

  2. I love all of your projects. I quit using feathers because of the way the Chinese pluck the birds while they are alive to re-produce more feathers. The Chinese are very cruel. Supply and demand.

  3. Wow Fi yes absolutely fabulous! I love the canvas prints. Really unique, but then again, I do really love anything Victorian shabby chic. I love anything flowers! You’re absolutely fabulous!!! Wishing you and all a Very Happy Christmas filled with wonderful memories, many blessings all throughout the year!!

  4. I bet your mind goes in overdrive all the time! You do an amazing job with all these. Love you and your creativity.

  5. I just love you.. You always never stop amazing me I watch you all the time….and all day I'm going to make this I don't have the lil flowers….You always have some type of flowers… However I have learn how to make yarn flowers, lace flower and countless of other items from watching you every day since I subscribe to your channel…..May God bless you abundantly….I will find where to get those small flowers somewhere inexpensively….Don't have much of income but you have made me more creative…Love you so much….Thank you again

  6. Fi, these are very pretty.  I can get the clear bead's, but have never seen the pink ones.  Thanks for showing this!!!  Hugs xx

  7. Hello Fiona.. You're the most creative person there is. I love watching your videos and you are making me going crazy on what i need to do lol. Im new watching you and im absolutley love most of the things you do. Im curious about these beads you're using, whats the name of them? I checked your shop but there were no in there that looked like this. Thanks. and big hug, Tone Irene from Norway 🙂

  8. Just wanted to say how much I love your videos,you are very clever,talented,and I just love your sense of humor.thank you so much for taking the time out to show us all your AMAZING ideas!!!!!!!!

  9. You're last reply to me you mentioned sprays, so I went looking on your channel and I feel in LOVE with these ones!!!! So beautiful!!! I'm now online searching for places to buy supplies!!! We are a military family living in Germany so I do most of my shopping online.

  10. there gorgeous fi, thanks for the tut as always.
    love the glitters the colours are yummy.
    hugs gin xxxx

  11. I just saw some of these in the wedding section of a card shop that were smaller beads, and not made as well for over $5 I was like I don't think so.. they were not made well IMO and the beads were small, it was crazy, I was thinking of trying to do my own, so thanks for the tut.. ~GIN

  12. do you think you post a link to the garden center you go tyour glitters from in the info section please?

  13. @kbgirlygirl I found them online in a florist shop on ebay! I saw several shops selling these so its depends on what you want to spend on them really. But check ebay for florist wire and you'll see other items like the glitters etc 🙂 xx

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